I write as I live, on inspiration. This got me into trouble when I was young, but I have learned - a little anyway, and besides, my version of reality suits me better than trying to live anothers, no matter the occasional shadow, at least I own the steps on my path, every one is mine;
And the journey is so beautiful, as I watch the seasons of my being rolling out in the eternal now of my gaze.


Shaun William Hayes Poems

Time Time Time

Time time time
Make time, give time, take time out
Win time, cost time, the time of your life
Spend time, sell time, the good times and the bad... more »

Let Me Be Found Here

My coming here is but for a short time
And my going, a mere moment
But the time before and the time after
(that which does not include me in this fixed way)... more »

I Count The Dust

I count the dust of passing time
The golden massive grains of sand

A misty breath forms into stars... more »

Shaun William Hayes Quotes

It is easier to change a point of view Than it is to re-order the universe Easier - but not always easy
Shaun William Hayes

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