• A Day At The Races

    The Sun rose slowly over the Downs
    Deceiving the early risers with its promise of warmth.
    The half-light gave a spectral air
    As the first blue blooded aristocrats... more »

  • A Druids Song

    I am the servant at the temple door
    I am the Raven, I am the claw

    I am a priest from far Atlantis... more »

  • A Young Knights Story

    Emerging slowly to a resonant truth
    The mind, body and soul of an errant youth
    Yawned, stretched and reached out to life
    Seeking knowledge, fortune - and maybe a wife... more »

  • A Yuletide Wish

    As I perceive the moon's light kiss
    I wish that we will never miss
    The love of friends in hearts held dearly
    Dispelling doubts and showing clearly... more »

  • Alien Territory

    The scene is white
    Nothing but purity
    Add to this a few stout conifers
    Still green?... more »

  • By Infinity's Long Embrace

    By infinity's long embrace
    In truth we now just have to face
    With some alacrity and grace
    (Since our genealogy be not traced... more »

  • By The Thames As Late September Night Falls

    The Thames is very still

    Splashes of light from houses with no curtains... more »

  • Dare We....

    Dare we teach
    .... Our kids to be thinkers
    and honour their thoughts
    even when they don't comply... more »

  • Death And The Living

    She staggered, leaned on the arm clinically offered
    The hospital smell made her retch
    She felt as if her air had been cut off
    Swooning her head swam into darkness... more »

  • Death Is What Happens To Not Me

    There is no first-hand experience of death;

    There is living
    And if continuation... more »

  • Elemental Love

    Your spirit
    Moves through the forests
    And valleys
    Cross meadows... more »

  • Heat (On A Roof)

    I stand
    The light breeze teasing my head
    The sun kissing my lips in hot passion
    The sky so blue I want to swim in it... more »

  • How Shall I Remember You, My Father

    This man who grew in Ireland's tearful times
    When England, whose leaders went untried
    For all their manifold war crimes,
    Finally relinquished their spiteful grip... more »

  • I Am A Man

    I am a man
    My head is full of dreams... more »

  • I Count The Dust

    I count the dust of passing time
    The golden massive grains of sand

    A misty breath forms into stars... more »

  • I Stand Before The Oak

    I stand before the Oak
    And become the forest

    I step into the fire... more »

  • I Walk The Path

    I walk the path
    My feet are sometimes bloodied
    My soul is constant... more »

  • Let Me Be Found Here

    My coming here is but for a short time
    And my going, a mere moment
    But the time before and the time after
    (that which does not include me in this fixed way)... more »

  • Love In The Afternoon

    We made love in the afternoon
    The warm sun radiating through curtains
    Gently drawn
    Bodies naturally warm and glowing... more »

  • Mourning After

    It is the morning
    And the reality is cold and unfeeling... more »

  • My Mayfly Day

    In all the expanse of time
    From the first glimmer
    To the wink of the last sun
    I find I am here... more »

  • New Job Blues

    Confidently placing a witty aside
    Upon new ears now I must hide
    Withdrawing and wincing, misunderstood
    If this carries on I'll shut up for good!... more »

  • Now Is -

    Now is - the stirring of the cauldron
    the choices that we make
    the moments of our living
    the promises we break... more »

  • Perfect Mate

    If I sat down with a paper and pen
    A drawing board and some tools
    To design the perfect girl for me
    Now hang on don't call me a fool... more »

  • Redundant At Forty-Five

    He sat at his desk, his hole in the wall
    His world from nine until five
    In his hand was a note, you're redundant they wrote
    With regrets - so sorry - they lied... more »