• Basketball

    I use to love basketball
    I would play it everyday
    In the summer and spring
    in the winter and fall... more »

  • Beauty

    Beauty isn't about what's on the outside,
    but what lies with in our hearts.
    Beauty is something we feel inside and out,
    but in reality it's what drives us each day.... more »

  • Bomb Threat

    sitting in class
    baking some food
    when we were told
    to leave the school... more »

  • Calling Names

    someone calls me a name
    but I brush it off
    wanting to show them
    that I am tough... more »

  • Cancer

    The school year came and went
    I wanted to do more
    but summer was almost spent
    We got a call from my sister... more »

  • Change Yourself

    why can't you
    just accept me for me
    I shouldn't need
    to prove myself to you... more »

  • Chosen One

    You come to me
    in my time of need
    I ask for your help
    and you give it to me... more »

  • Christmas

    Christmas is a time for giving
    a time for family and friends
    but most of all
    it's a time for rememberance... more »

  • Coshise

    You may have been
    just a dog to some people
    but to me, Cochise
    you were so much more... more »

  • Fear In Me

    You look into my eyes
    I don't dare look down
    I feel your hand hit my face
    but I stand my grond... more »

  • Fifty Cents A Day

    I am an humble Soldier
    far from my friends and home,
    mid scenes of war and hardships
    I constantly must roam,... more »

  • Game

    What are we doing
    are we really living
    is our life real
    or is it just a game... more »

  • Get Better Dad

    I may not be
    friends with your son
    but i love your family
    more than I'm mad at him... more »

  • Hand In Hand

    With all that's happened
    to us this year
    and with all that's happened
    for us to shed a tear... more »

  • Hurican Katrina

    So much destruction
    because of Hurricane Katrina
    many people lost their families
    and lost their homes to this... more »

  • If We Must

    if we must
    go to war
    against the terrorist
    of Afghanistan and Iraq... more »

  • In Your Arms

    When I talk to you
    my knees get weak
    whenever I see you
    I dare not blink... more »

  • In Your Eyes

    With you in my arms
    I can do anything
    in your eyes
    I'm not a nobody... more »

  • Jinger

    another victim gone
    this one closer to the heart
    my love for their family
    will never fall apart... more »

  • Jordan

    You left so quickly
    without a good-bye
    Jordan on this day
    leukemia took you away... more »

  • Journey

    To some you're just a teacher
    to others a friend
    someone they can always count on
    that'll be there till the end... more »

  • Kiss

    sitting on the couch
    with your arms around me
    a million things
    running through my mind... more »

  • Last Day Of School

    It's the last day of school
    everyone running for the door
    'what do we do? '
    they think feet hitting the floor... more »

  • Missing Child

    I get off the bus
    everyday after school
    and when I look around
    I see the same guy... more »

  • Mrs. Morman

    You may just be a teacher
    but to me you're much more
    you're someone I can talk to,
    look up to, and adore... more »