• My Heart

    I've never been treated
    like this before
    everyday you say you love me
    and call me beautiful... more »

  • Next Time You Hit Me

    You say we're friends
    then you hit me again
    this time harder than before
    leaving me on the floor... more »

  • Nine Eleven

    Nine eleven nine eleven
    sticks in our heads
    as a day to remember
    the day of war... more »

  • Only You

    you're the best thing
    that's ever happened to me
    at first I'd always wonder
    how can this be... more »

  • Power Of Kindness

    tomorrow isn't promised today
    so today take full advantage
    of the life you have
    and the people you share it with... more »

  • Red Birds

    The cards stadium is gone
    and with it so many memories
    our first game and ball
    and our first autograph card... more »

  • Rumers

    You said you loved me
    but what do you mean
    treating me like crap
    acting as if I don't know a thing... more »

  • Shadow Of Doubt

    I want to get out
    of this shadow of doubt
    not good enough for you or me
    all i want is to be free... more »

  • That's My School

    Up at my school
    everyone is different
    yet we are treated
    like an equal... more »

  • Time For Christmas

    Time for Christmas
    time for joy
    opening the presents
    hoping for a toy... more »

  • Troops

    People forget all about
    the troops that go and fight
    for our freedom to do
    what we do everyday... more »

  • Two Doves

    Your funeral was yesterday
    and I couldn't help but cry
    every time I'd miss you
    I'd look up into the sky... more »

  • War

    The time of war
    we think nothing of it
    our lives go on
    even though hundreds die... more »

  • When I Die

    When I die
    don't weep for me
    be happy
    and rejoice for thee... more »

  • You In My Life

    I look into
    your eyes so deep
    just your smile
    makes me wanna weap... more »

  • You'Ve Helped Me

    You've been through so much
    in such a sort time
    breast cancer and dance
    and yet you still find time to smile... more »