Im 26 year's old and love music and artistic idea's. If you like my words id love to here what you have to say.


Shawn Borsch Poems

The Human Vessel

Here with in this largest organ, my skin holds it all.
Tunnels and chemicals make up the force that drives us all, this emotional walk able man.
If there is conflict with anyone or thing it first starts here inside of me.
I most forgive myself inside and then work on the outside skin.... more »

A Sound Gesture

Colors on words and feelings on sound.
This partnership of the eye and the ear has an angle over me.
Pure colors of light on key points of the piece move me.
My ear so pleased to send me a feeling of heaven.... more »

The Lion And Her Field Of Love

My life line is shared and kept by another.
She is my other self a god in my eyes with the beauty of a lion.
She roams here on my fields of love with no fear.
I give her my wide open spaces and she gives me the grace of her beauty.... more »

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