• Rainforest Nightmare

    under the red moon,
    where the black flowers bloom
    thou shall lose all will
    while many see wonder,... more »

  • Red Moonlight

    Under the red moon,
    Where the black flowers bloom
    Thou shalt lose all will.
    And believe the only way out is to kill... more »

  • Suicide

    Emptiness can fill your life
    I've been consumed by it for years
    From being bashed by men i've chosen
    To the solitude and tears.... more »

  • This Depression

    here i sit, and here i cry
    my life has gone down the black hole of deep depression
    my life has gone down to hell
    so now i lie me, down to die... more »

  • Together Forever

    As the ocean crashes against the sand
    You hold me closely, capturing my hand
    Kiss me softly with such desire
    And ignited my soul with passion and fire... more »

  • Untitled

    All i wanna know
    Is what was going thru your head
    When they found you
    Lying on the floor dead... more »