• A Lame

    he's above the rest
    so he thinks
    claims to be the best
    and so he believes... more »

  • Alwayz That One

    alwayz that one who gets away
    alwayz that one who has something to say
    alwayz that one who makes you smile
    alwayz that one who turns things upside down... more »

  • Love Not

    I pretend to be, happy with he
    As picture perfect, supposedly
    Unknowingly miserably
    He loves me, constantly... more »

  • Lust

    A broken heart
    a dreamless dream
    three minutes of pleasure
    three days of pain... more »

  • Thoughts

    it's so easy to think more than it is to say
    what makes you look my way or what makes you stay
    i wonder what makes you smile
    could it be the things that i do... more »