• Farewell My Dear Students

    Farewell, my dear students
    It was my privilege to teach you all
    Each unique in his/her own way
    Like stars, may you shine bright... more »

  • Lonely Monument

    Alone and stately stood the ageing matriarch
    Burdened by the secrets of plots and broken hearts
    her doors and French windows, once closed
    now beckon all, to enter and discover... more »

  • Matriarch

    Once a brave matriarch, now a widow with a failing heart
    Faltering steps, feeble voice, empty eyes
    wait for the final act.... more »

  • Memories Of Wcc

    Memories of WCC illuminate my day
    Three wonderful years spent with
    Friends who helped and cheered each other... more »

  • Plea Of A Palm Tree

    I’m a humble coconut palm, the State tree of Kerala
    My scientific name is cocus nucifera
    I give food, clothing, shelter
    Oil, food and candies from my white flesh... more »

  • Prayer Of A Fetus

    Mother, father, my life depends on you!
    let me live long
    why be the murderers of my budding life?... more »

  • Teacher

    the teacher smiles and greets her students
    who look eager and willing to be taught
    she learns quickly and calls them by name
    students practice to greet and apologize... more »

  • The Sun Of My Life

    The fruit of my longest, joyful labour indeed
    Cared and nurtured from the time you took seed

    Your sweetness and perfection left me spell bound... more »

  • Tomcat- It's A Great Life

    I'm a handsome tom cat, master of my life and territory
    My golden fur, bushy tail and upright whiskers,
    attract admirers in droves, while others turn green with envy.
    I travel and sleep at leisure... more »