• __ Unaware

    Waiting in solitude
    As long as you need me
    I shall be there
    Knowing what your heart holds for me... more »

  • Compassion

    I wish to be with you
    As you surge through towards your goal
    Pining for your success
    But hoping you will take me with you.... more »

  • De$! Re

    My emotions seem to have
    Taken charge of my life unexpectedly
    And I fail to understand its cause
    I wonder why my tears are flowing... more »

  • Depressed

    Waiting for the feeling of acceptance,
    Devoid of treacherous hands
    Fearful of being alone
    Taking tentative steps in my path... more »

  • Feelings Of Love

    Each moment spent in thoughts over you
    Seem to recuperate my inner self
    Like fuel to my used up soul
    Your thoughts change my desolation to bliss.... more »

  • Guilty Eyes

    Eyes met with fierce guilt,
    Evidently giving away its feelings
    That painful eye clearly met with valor.... more »

  • Im Nt @lone

    Until I met u,
    I knew not what love is,
    Feeling loved, missed,
    Hurt due to the distance... more »

  • L0$t Friend$hip

    You walked in when I needed you
    I searched for trust,
    I found it in you making me secure
    With open arms you waited... more »

  • Lethargic Stance

    Rising hopes soaring high
    Suddenly seen falling fast
    Hitting hard on the ground
    As the pain within waits for solace... more »

  • Lonel! Ness Bsde Me

    Woken up in the middle of my sleep
    Baffled and annoyed are my weary eyes
    Searching to find a companion beside me
    My hands reach out to the unending bed... more »

  • Love

    Sometimes I wake up wishing you were there beside me
    But discontent awaits this thought
    And I long to subtract this thought that visits me habitually.
    I wish to fill this emptiness it brings... more »

  • M.E

    Sneaking out in the middle of the night
    I search for more love
    Not just for loyalty, commitment and fame
    An adventure unknown and unseen... more »

  • Promises And Hopes

    In the twinkling of my eye life fly’ by
    Unaware of what the stands
    Beyond the horizon
    Every day with new promises,... more »

  • Sadness

    A prodigious feeling, relishing every moment
    Savoring every ounce of joy that it fetches,
    Emancipating inner self, like a bird let out of its cage
    Erasing every confusing thought... more »

  • Sorrow

    Mornings awoken with renewed ebullience
    Wanting to lead a Spartan life,
    Hoping each day to reach the sky
    Falling to the thorns but filled with sang-froid.... more »

  • Unfortunate

    Fears rise up,
    Eyes pierce through my face
    Guilt growing within me
    Shattering my little hopes... more »