• Building The Shrine

    How do we honor and love
    Our formless, beloved, departed ones?
    Those whose eyes we loved
    Whose lips, smiles, skin, voice, smell, touch,... more »

  • Cosmic Dementia

    Everything blends
    Dissolving and combining
    Before my eyes
    Within my head... more »

  • Creativity

    To look at me, you might say
    “Linear accountant type
    No creativity, no way, ”
    In spite of my sloth... more »

  • Dark Clouds

    Dark clouds drifting by
    Throughout most days
    Are easily ignored.
    But some days completely... more »

  • False Identity

    Holding in high esteem
    My false self image
    The granules of that image flow
    Slipping thru the hour glass... more »

  • Road Rage – Confession And Absolution

    My vehicle has become defective
    From my intolerance
    Of others driving habits.
    My pet-peeves are gravel in my gasoline.... more »

  • Writer's Block

    Sometimes, too often lately,
    Now when my vocabulary
    Has grown quite large
    I cannot recall a specific word... more »