• All The Things You Said

    All the things you said
    spinning in my head
    you danced with me
    that's how it should be... more »

  • Autumn

    Autumn was it when we first met
    Autumn is it what I can't forget

    Autumn have made me alive... more »

  • Do You Wanna Marry Me

    Listen my baby blue eyes
    to the birds up in the skys

    There's something I have to say... more »

  • How Can I Tell Her About You

    Since I met you, you never left my mind
    when you were away I thought I left you behind
    Then there came that girl at my side
    I thought everything is going right... more »

  • Hurt

    When I recieved your message
    I was tremendously happy
    I felt like I'm rich
    but then I felt crappy... more »

  • I Know, That I Don'T Know

    When my finals were passed
    I never thought that we would meet at last
    We talked together without our teams
    I found the door to get into your dreams... more »

  • I Love The Way

    I love the way you wear you hair
    and that you are always there

    I love the way you talk to me... more »

  • Just You

    I closed my eyes

    To touch you
    without seeing you... more »

  • My Butterfly Lady

    She's my blue winged butterfly
    flying high up above in the sky

    She's my lady with blue wings... more »

  • My Dream

    Last night I dreamed about you and me
    you came and visited me
    we sat together by the fireplace
    you sat there with such a grace... more »

  • My Last Will

    I am deadly ill
    now I write my last will

    Everything I owned in my life... more »

  • Remember

    Remember the time we spent togheter
    time couldn't be any better

    Remember that very special night... more »

  • Something More

    Was there something more I could have done
    or was I not ment to be the special one

    Was there something more I could have said... more »