• Deceit Be Thy Name

    Deceit be thy name, wretched wench!
    You draw close to me in friendship
    As my blood still drips from the dagger
    You once plunged into my back.... more »

  • For Anna - My Beautiful Dreamer

    I Am So Proud of YOU!

    It seems like yesterday that I was tying your shoes,
    Taking you to pre-school... more »

  • Lovers' Dance

    Sweet and slow
    Ebb and flow
    Give and take
    Tender touches... more »

  • Resolution Lost

    While hatred dwells cloaked in cavernous darkness,
    Buzzards circle fallen heroes of a distant feud.
    Crusade for justice, where have you gone?... more »

  • Whatever


    That is all one can say
    When something as clear as day... more »