• A Moment In Time

    It is but a moment in time
    When two lives intersect
    And kindred spirits are drawn together,
    Igniting the fire of friendship,... more »

  • Broken

    A long-breaking heart has been broken,
    No more painful words can be spoken,
    No longer will I wait for you,
    There’s nothing left for me to do…... more »

  • I Wish You Knew

    I wish you knew…
    How much it hurts when you turn away,
    Refusing to look into my eyes,
    How it stabs at my heart when words,... more »

  • Shattered

    Empty rooms, devoid of life
    Ancient snapshots strewn about
    Anything of value, hastily taken
    While decaying memories,... more »

  • Tonight

    Tonight, you are in another woman’s arms…
    And I can feel it.
    Nails digging into my skin, ripping, tearing,
    Thin slivers of glistening flesh, stark white bone... more »