• Ata Te Dy

    Ata te dy, fjale te pathena e shikime qe thane gjithcka…

    Ata te dy, dy duar qe s'u kapen kurre fort, por ngelen peng i nje shtrengimi te thate…... more »

  • December

    December cold night...
    December full of light...
    I'm standing outside, all alone, in the dark
    Just imagining those stars that I would rewrite...... more »

  • Messy Feelings

    You drown me in the dead sea of insecurities

    Painting the impossibility with a bright shade of blue... more »

  • Pending

    I hate the silence and yet I love its meaning

    It tells me a lot about this mutual feeling... more »

  • Rainy Thoughts

    I would love to hear Sinatra

    while you play it for me... more »

  • Thoughtful Soul

    There's a million things I want you to know

    How I'm living without you in this hell... more »

  • To Me

    To me you're just like a very interesting book I'm greedy to read…You're a deadline that I'm impatient to reach…

    You're an amazing acoustic guitar note I wanna hear every time I think of you…... more »

  • To My Dear Viola

    Dear Viol,

    Have I ever told you how I lucky I am
    to have spent childhood with you holding hands?... more »

  • To Those Eyes

    First time I saw you, I was spelled by your eyes

    Those eyes that hit me like an arrow
    Perfectly right to the center of my being... more »

  • Tonight

    Tonight I feel like getting drunk with your existence…

    Sip from the magic liquor of your personality... more »

  • Unspoken

    In the desert of your existence

    I could stay forever thirsty for love... more »