• A Prayer

    Centuries shift in the blink of
    a Creator's eye
    Somewhere secret
    is a holy manuscript... more »

  • A Presence Is Here

    A presence is here amidst these trees
    where whispers echo
    on the evening breeze
    it is something as old,... more »

  • Barn Owl

    He sees all manner of things
    from his avian perch
    in the middle of the little wood
    that sudden movement... more »

  • Battleground Tour

    Around the traveller
    the mourning lace of leafless trees
    is as still as laundered unworn white ruffs
    atop a dark torso of ancientlandscape... more »

  • Battles

    Cold Harbour
    Dungan's Hill... more »

  • Build Us A World

    Build us a world of smiles and happy laughter
    Where brilliant sunshine is a part of every day
    Where loving promises, like brightly coloured rainbows
    Enfold our hearts and chase unhappiness away... more »

  • Great Grey Goliaths

    Great grey Goliaths of the deeps
    grazing with gaping jaws
    sliding softly across the vast
    and vividly verdant Ocean floors... more »

  • Losing

    We are losing the
    quietness of green spaces
    The silence
    That speaks volumes... more »

  • Newstead

    There is a timeless place
    That comes unbidden to my memory
    Where sky blue harebells border a winding track
    And lilies of the valley shine in ancient woodlands... more »

  • Old Man

    a"sculpture"exhibited in the gallery of
    Charnwood Museum, Loughborough

    old man... more »

  • Those Who Initiate

    Those who initiate the conflict
    once sat perhaps on horseback
    wearing medals from
    some long past glory... more »

  • What Is Belief

    Does belief come from the
    intelligent expansion of the heart
    or does it ultimately engulf the mind
    rendering us gullible... more »