Shel Silverstein Comments (201)

Powerful vocalist par excellence.......
press x to rip in pepperonis shel
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I love your poems I can't stop reading them
You go Abigail, cCartney I’m A Big Fan of your work please make me a big stuffed worthog for my birthday or Christmas I Am turning 12
I know Shel Silverstein passed away quite awhile ago, but I really love his poems and I spend time disliking the people who think it's nice to even comment on his poems because they don't like them. So if you agree and you want this to stop, then like this to show we are a team!
im just liking all of yalls comments because im trying to be nice
Abigail McCartney, you do realize that Shel Silverstein passed away awhile ago, right?
Abigail McCartney, you do know Shel Silverstein passed away, right?
Who is answering for Shel?