• A Bad Choice

    What am I doing?
    What’s wrong with me?
    What caused me to do this?
    Was it really necessary?... more »

  • A Heart That Cries For Help!

    My heart beats fast
    Out of my chest,
    And here I am
    Longing to feel at rest!... more »

  • A Lasting Reward

    Broken and shattered
    And left all alone;
    Waiting to be loved
    And affection to be shown... more »

  • A Life's Mistake

    One puff could change life forever
    On sip could do the same?
    One stupid little move
    To me seems lame!... more »

  • A Love That Was Broken

    My heart is broken
    Cause’ I’ve lost you once again,
    I’ve let you slip away
    Without my heart left to mend.... more »

  • A New Change!

    Some say I’m quiet
    Some say I’m shy
    But I say different,
    Want to know why... more »

  • A New Start

    Look at where you came from
    And where you are now,
    Do you really want to back?
    To a life you would be proud... more »

  • An Unquenchable Misery

    This feeling inside me
    Makes me want to scream
    To feel my blood run through my veins
    And have an uncured dream... more »

  • Another Mistake

    A tear rolls down my face
    As I recover from the mistake,
    That will continue to fill my mind
    And clutter it with thoughts to overtake... more »

  • Closure

    The things that make me think of you
    Are only just for a moment,
    For I see your face
    And then it’s gone…... more »

  • Do I Have To Scream?

    I knock,
    But you can’t hear me.
    I bleed, but you won’t see me.
    I scream,... more »

  • Don’t Give Up

    When your heart is crushed,
    Don’t give up!

    When your feel so low,... more »

  • Every Breath That I Breathe

    It has happened
    Finally once again
    My breath was caught
    Which I could not contain... more »

  • Family

    F amiliar to your emotional needs
    A ny time of the day, to
    M eet those needs, but see
    I n your heart, but give the heath and care that you may... more »

  • Friends

    F orgive your stupid coments towards them.
    R esuppling the love that you want to receive.
    I ntervening on the fights you cause
    E motionally towards, but in the end they... more »

  • I Miss You!

    I miss you,
    And I want to see you again,
    Until then I’ll wait right here
    Until me meet again!... more »

  • I Wish

    I wish I were happy
    Then, when I am, I'm sad!

    I wish I were different... more »

  • If You Only Knew!

    I watch you from afar
    Thinking of what to say
    To get your attention
    Which I could never do anyway... more »

  • Irreplaceable Agony

    A heart full of grief
    A daily dose of agony,
    That terrorizes me
    And tears that fall slowly.... more »

  • Lost

    Lost in thought
    Lost in pain
    Lost in fear
    That you can never retain... more »

  • My Deepest Apologies

    My heart cries to you
    Knowing the pain that I caused,
    Hoping I can help you understand
    That I too had a heart I lost.... more »

  • My Heart Is Still Yours

    Lord you know all my thoughts
    Heartbreaks turn to remorse
    Mistakes turn to accomplishments
    But my heart is still yours... more »

  • My Last Goodbye

    I’m ready to let go
    Of all of this stress
    That keeps me from
    Hating myself any less... more »

  • My Love For You!

    What can I say?
    What can I do
    To explain the feelings
    That I have for you... more »

  • My Saving Grace

    Out of this turmoil
    And free from the bonds;
    Restored and renewed
    And now carry on... more »