• ******make Your Choice...

    Always stand up tall.
    Wipe away all tears.
    Close the book on your fears.
    Hold all Life and loved ones Dear.... more »

  • *****8 Please Understand.

    ' I Regret the words I said to you,
    the way I acted has made me blue.
    When you saw me out that day
    know I looked different-... more »

  • ****just A Love Poem*******

    The emotions are real
    of the pain you see...
    they may be misconstrued
    but that may also just be...... more »

  • **a Prayer Of Faith For A Special Lady...

    Peace fills the air as she rolls on her back
    She got through it, She is alive and she thanks Him for that!
    It may loom in the mind of her loved ones today
    but soon it will vanish all signs of illness will fade.... more »

  • *1* Never Stop Believing.

    Wow, finally I am dreaming again!
    Staying awake and scheming again!
    Reading, praying and figuring things out,
    hearing answers rain down from a spout.... more »

  • *4* Gone Too Soon

    Your embrace was not familiar,
    yet I comfort you in my arms,
    as I am gazing at your picture,
    I still feel the magic of your charm.... more »

  • *4* My Love Wont Say Goodbye.

    I'll dream of you tonight as you have said you do.
    We will hold each other tight Until the day is new.
    When the dawn begins to break...I'll cradle you no more,
    imagined kisses on my neck, My heart will no longer soar.... more »

  • *4* Shades Of Grey.

    I am truly sorry...
    for the hurt I bring to you.
    For I know that when you're happy
    one look at me and your blue too.... more »

  • *we'Re All The Same...

    It was a day like all others.
    Yet, one I wont forget and
    when I looked at her
    I noticed though beautiful... more »

  • ...Sweet Inspiration...

    Coffee and orange juice left me with a zany feeling
    as the dawn rose up like a butterfly
    bursting its way out of its cocoon.
    The globe ascended on the horizon...and... more »

  • ~3 Fear Flew Away...

    Its so hard to be strong
    when 'Strength' has ran away
    to a place just out of reach
    I pray 'it' will come back one day.... more »

  • 1~ Beautiful...Maybe?

    The water is still and tranquil
    making you feel free and at peace.
    There is a hint of a wave from a minnow,
    yet the quiet is almost deafening.... more »

  • 11* Give Me A Vision.

    Lord let me do something that glorifies you.
    Please give me a vision that only I can do,
    being so far away from the promised land,
    I know I need you to take me by the hand.... more »

  • 20* You'Re All Around Me.

    I look around me, then I see,
    What you have meant to me.
    It took me a lifetime just to find you,
    Lord what am I to do?... more »

  • 3* I Am Not Equipped For This.

    Oh Lord, I am not equipped
    to walk this earth in pain.
    The worlds hurting and I am too
    Please take my hand again.... more »

  • 5* And Then I Woke Up

    In the harsh reality of daylight
    our future does not seem as bright
    as it did when moonlit rays
    were shining on your face.... more »

  • A Cold Heart

    Reckless with Abandon,
    scared and showing fright...
    There are no horizons
    which he wants to see tonight.... more »

  • A Heavenly Union.

    She will make you pray to God for her
    she is beauty in all its glory
    she is someone loved by all
    an endless passion like all men dream of...... more »

  • A Mighty Warrier.

    I am a mighty warrior.
    I stand tall with Godly pride.
    If you ask me what I'm doing here
    I will answer all in stride.... more »

  • A Palette Of Red And Gold

    Hand and hand we walk in silence
    no words need pass our lips
    Feeling content and alive...
    we are taken aback by Gods gifts.... more »

  • A Place To Treasure...

    There is a place that I call my own
    It's a place I treasure and can be alone.
    It's somewhere I can go to just be free...
    Where I can become exactly what I want to be.... more »

  • A Soulmate.

    A soul mate is what I’m searching for,
    A soul mate is what I seek,
    A soul mate is what could be…
    At the end of every street.... more »

  • A Story Of Love

    They made so many memories,
    some of them untold, yet almost all enjoyed.
    Their last mements together were
    not so lovely, some of them devastatingly sad.... more »

  • A Sweet Summer Song

    As purple blossoms glisten in the rain,
    the birds chirp their sweet summer song.
    Lingering scents of lilac delights my senses,
    so I close my eyes and ponder thoughts of you.... more »

  • A True Friendship.

    We have never shared a genuine Smile,
    a Smile that starts with the lips...
    then travels up to the eyes,
    putting a gleam where vacant eyes once were.... more »