shelly kiran Poems

My Eros

Everyone told me I ambarren,
Non fertile land,
No one had the courage to hug me, to shake my hand,
Where even the grass could not grow they told,... more »

Miss You.

A thousand scorpion stings I feel,
when I miss you.
A thousand lives I live,
the moment I kiss you.... more »

Your Love Is Pain

Your love is pain,
Bleeding in my veins,
Your love is pain.
Pumping in my heart,... more »

shelly kiran Quotes

If you love the person who is fool, From passionate lover they will make you corpse cool.
Suffering is nothing but negative thought.The fear of loosing pleasures cause the insecurity.

Comments about shelly kiran

Shelly Kiran 01 Jul 2018 11:23
Riza Braholli, feeling humble. Thanks a lot. Regards.
Riza Braholli 17 Jun 2018 05:19
The magic of love turned a coward into such a courageous person, , Oasis in me was visible to your hands those who know how to bear. Greate shelly. a warm poem; the warmth that comes from our depths and our truth
Shelly Kiran 14 Apr 2018 10:18
Rajnish Manga sir, thanks. Very happy to read you. Have No words to explain that.