• Beg Pardon

    When all the doors are closed,
    All faces are furious and cold.
    I put my blind faith on you.
    Now depends my fate on you.... more »

  • Children Stop Taking Birth On Earth.

    Children stay anywhere but stop taking birth on earth,
    There is nobody who knows your worth on earth.
    They want to kill you in mother's wombs,
    They want to celebrate victory on your tombs,... more »

  • Flight From Life

    Without breathing,
    I want a flight,
    With velocity of light,
    To get lost in Black Hole,... more »

  • Indifference.

    He is silent,
    I am in great pain,
    As a wander shouting,
    Inside a roaring train,... more »

  • Kill Me

    Before I be living corpse from a passionate lover, just kill me.
    Before I be wise enough to kill my emotions, its betteryou kill me.
    Before I shatter, and let the world laugh Kill me.
    Courage and strength before I gather, thee the stoneheart kill me.... more »

  • Let Me Ensure You.

    If you want me to go,
    Let me open the door myself,
    I don't want you to be red handed,
    I havepoison,... more »

  • Let Me Feel

    let the world feel molten lava,
    which I yearn to taste with my burning lips indeed.
    can the fire extinguish fire?
    If yes do me a favour,... more »

  • Miss You.

    A thousand scorpion stings I feel,
    when I miss you.
    A thousand lives I live,
    the moment I kiss you.... more »

  • My Eros

    Everyone told me I ambarren,
    Non fertile land,
    No one had the courage to hug me, to shake my hand,
    Where even the grass could not grow they told,... more »

  • Pain

    I am born with the pain,
    As cloud is born with the rain,
    Pain is a cannibal leopard,
    Hunting kid of happiness in desert,... more »

  • People Those Break You.

    They call you moon,
    And in endless sky
    leave you alone!
    They call their emotions,... more »

  • The Second Women

    The second woman.
    Hadno right to love the man,
    But she listened to her heart
    And not brain.... more »

  • We Will Survive

    Problems will visit our lives,
    let them check sincerity of our hearts.
    In every Thick and thin,
    what may the life bring.... more »

  • Why Me

    Eighteen years of solitude,
    I wept and wept alone,
    For the people who broke me,
    For the faiths those were torn,... more »

  • Without You.

    Nautical miles between Us,
    Ican't feel your silky touch,
    Thousands of words spoken,
    Thousands of letters written,... more »

  • Your Love Is Pain

    Your love is pain,
    Bleeding in my veins,
    Your love is pain.
    Pumping in my heart,... more »