• I Am In Love With Him

    I am in love with him;
    He has been a loyal partner of mine when the days were dim.
    We have spent nights together cherishing the moments in each others company;
    I have given myself to him and in return have got someone to accompany.... more »

  • Inner Side

    Celebrations all around and sitting in the middle of congregate,
    Still I feel numbness inside.
    People say life has not yet started, what you have read so far is the prelude,
    Still I feel exhausted inside.... more »

  • My Prayer…

    Please hear the sounds that are coming from my soul that is trapped in this beautiful body.
    My soul is captive in this precious gift that you have bestowed on me of which I am not worthy.
    My soul is indebted to you for showering your blessings on me unconditionally.... more »