• An Indoor Cat's Diary (Feel Free To Laugh)

    Monday 27
    The great escape takes place on Sunday,
    my cruel captors are driving me insane.
    I know these human haven't got a clue,... more »

  • Captive Bird

    Oh captive bird that I am
    you have clipped my wings
    words of despair behind bars
    are the only songs that I sing... more »

  • Lavender Twilight

    The quiet of night keeps alluring me
    underneath the moonlight with my love
    Where lingering voices whisper softly
    in the lavender of twilight there of... more »

  • Lilac Love

    The ride seemed longer than usual tonight.
    Blessed Friday!
    She could hardly wait to get home.
    All she could think about was her lilacs today,... more »

  • Lily's Rose Garden

    The cloudless summer day
    beckoned him to the rose garden,
    'her' rose garden.
    Opening the gate he wondered,... more »

  • Ocean's Memory

    I am mesmerized by my tears
    as they wear away the seams
    holding back the waves of you
    shores endless foaming dreams... more »

  • Sea Of Sorrow

    She is adorned with conch shells,
    shades of pink,
    mottled brown
    and tan.... more »

  • The Porcelain Doll

    From her protective world,
    a glass covered case...
    the porcelain doll stands there
    (frozen in time)... more »

  • Through My Child's Eyes

    Wide-eyed wonderment
    newly discovered things
    Curiosity brimming
    natures glorious spring... more »

  • Waterfall

    You flow thru my dreams
    like raging waters,
    furiously cascading down...
    down...... more »