• All I Gave, All I Got

    Sweat drips from my head caressing my cheeks,
    Dry lips chirped irking for a dropof salvation,
    Beard greasy illuminated to its contours,
    Breathe by breathe of great joy in completion of a shift,... more »

  • Dhaliwe

    We will plant an oak tree for this half a decade of love together sweetheart,
    The beautiful green leaves so pure as our union,
    they tear with joy with the morning dew of our new day,
    We will seat at noon under the willow tree in harmony,... more »

  • Sunset

    A mirage of emotions raptures through my frame
    My gleeful cheers turn mellow with every shade of dusk
    The tingling chill sips through my marrow Im unease
    My Heartbeat becomes faint with every reality tick of time... more »

  • The Beast Comes At Nigh

    The cold breeze of dusk sips through the sores of my feet,
    Rumblings in my belly grow louder as anxiety invades me, with every tick-tock of the Grandmother clock,
    Chills fill the room as my body is asphyxiated by the sight of the orange crescent of dusk.... more »

  • The One

    The cello vibrant sounds sizzling with the echoes of your voice
    High motion perplexes high motion with a numbness of joy
    The echoes of myhappiness resonate all around
    The one sunshine serenade the night to day with that bubbly smile,... more »

  • The Road Once Travelled

    The wounds of reflection press on my mind,
    A numbness profound tags on my hind,
    Distant whispers of voices once heard echo in mytympanic membrane,
    Recollections of time and times adventures, clear and calm in an abyss... more »