• Bed Of Roses

    In a dusty old bar on the outskirts of town,
    my whiskey tainted thoughts are all of you.
    You make me wonder about things like forever,
    and about love that lasts your life through.... more »

  • The Day That Never Was

    It was cold and rainy, on that hot sunny day,
    When the twenty foot dwarves, came out of doors to play.
    Seven of them were blind, they tripped the other three,
    One fell hard on his butt, and skinned up his left knee.... more »

  • When Love And Hate Collide (Monorhyme)

    Beautiful to those who will not see,
    Your world is an immaculate fantasy,
    Filled with such innocence and purity,
    Hiding your grotesque mask of insanity.... more »