Different things inspire me to write. I write when I'm happy, depressed, frustrated, covetous, or bored. My personality falls somewhere between introvert and extrovert. I am honest, outspoken, open-minded, intelligent, and somewhat talented. I can be hard or soft, rough or smooth, sweet or sour, depending on how my day goes from one point to the next and on what I choose to show. I will do anything for the people I love. I like to take the scenic route whenever I can.


Sherylyn Knighten Poems


Skirting copper colored halos
On the stained, sticky sidewalk
You swim through the haze
And the heat... more »


You never know where you're going
At a dead run and gaining speed
Turning blindly around every curve
You rush past the little things... more »

Summer In January

Time stops
For one brief instant
While you're sitting with your eyes closed
On the upswing... more »

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