• ' Noble ' Effort

    In recognition
    Of the excellence in human
    Thought and scientific temper
    A great man with his relentless effort... more »

  • 0°achievement

    The climate change talks
    Ended as expected without any 'sparks'!

    While the rich countries... more »

  • A Different Appeal

    Salute the Lord
    The humanity's God
    Who gave a beautiful Nature
    To be enjoyed by every creature... more »

  • A Glimmer Of Hope.....For Humanity

    A small girl
    Broke her ' piggy ' bank pot
    And contributed the entire amount saved
    To flood victims!... more »

  • All Is Fine When You Win

    ...... Now you've started
    To remove stones and mud from rice!
    What happened when you first saw
    The bowl of rice on your table?... more »

  • Another ' Tryst With Destiny '

    Fear! Fear! Fear!
    Fear of being lynched!
    Fear of being thrashed!... more »

  • Are We Really Free?

    Someone controls every moment -
    Thought Police!
    Rhetoric changes every moment -
    Double Speak!... more »

  • Between Two Extremes

    When droughts dry our land
    When floods drench our land
    Who suffer?... more »

  • Blame - Game

    While children are dying
    And parents weeping,
    The debate on the causes
    Is worrying with illogical nuances....!... more »

  • 'Bloody' Flowers....

    There was a garden
    Akin to garden of Eden
    That made many human beings admire
    And, that was the beautiful ' Kashmir'!... more »

  • Borderless Birds

    Flying in the fresh air above the sky,
    Birds chirp with ecstatic joy
    Crossing created boundary
    On the fenced ground with armoury....... more »

  • 'Cleanliness ' That Is Lacking

    When your opponents
    Spewed litter on the way,
    You carefully pluck out a leaf
    From a tree and cleaned it....... more »

  • Constitution- Where...? ?

    Violence everywhere!
    No sight of lasting peace anywhere!
    In the most advanced developed nation,
    There is dearth of followers of constitution....... more »

  • Crocodile Tears

    Somewhere lurking behind in the sea
    Was a giant crocodile watching with glee
    Its prey slowly enter shallow waters
    Not knowing the impending dangers....... more »

  • Cry! My Beloved Baby!

    A small baby cries
    Whenever hungry
    Or ill or angry
    With something........ more »

  • 'Dangerous ' Education? ?

    If you happen to read
    Books on history, wars,
    Struggles, revolutions....... more »

  • Destruction..... Fani

    Marooned land
    Drowned people
    Hurling water and sand
    Fani was capable... more »

  • Dissent Is Natural Law

    When whirlwind
    Engulfs the land,
    Tree branches waver to and fro
    Showing dissent!... more »

  • Distribute Harmony....

    In a world seething with hate,
    Any one who dares to create
    Conditions for peace and love
    Is a humanistic treasure trove....!... more »

  • Do Not Falter....

    There are many obstacles
    Men may use you as ' articles '!
    They try to see your hopes shatter
    But do not falter...! !... more »

  • Egypt Red Star ...Amin

    In a country of turmoil
    Where aspirations of youth boil,
    The legacy of Samir Amin
    Will be remembered again and again!... more »

  • Empty Rhetoric

    What does ' development ' mean
    When 99% of people without clean
    Water, food and clothing
    And medication are dying....?... more »

  • End Of Chauvinism!

    Suffering centuries of exploitation
    Gathered courage and determination
    O! King! You have proved
    That queen can have upper - hand...... more »

  • Foot Soldiers

    In the world of political chess
    Where the king's authority
    Is protected by all powerful queen,
    Bishops, knights and rooks,... more »

  • Forgotten Children

    Who has the time to remember
    The tiny tots losing lives due to malnutrition and diseases?

    Who has the time to spend... more »