• Change

    Open your life and accept change;
    Its like a flower in midst fo a mountain range.
    blooming and shining unconditionally;
    spreading its fragrance and hue in the valley.... more »

  • Closure

    I've lost the ability to express
    Thoughts are nothing but a jumbled mess
    I am surprised at how time moulds you
    I am awed at how life holds you!... more »

  • Glowing Dreams

    Deep in the darkness,
    Lightening my dreams;
    Betwixt the moon,
    Stars flowing in a stream.... more »

  • Illusion

    I’ve lost the ability to express,
    Thoughts are nothing but a jumbled mess.
    I’m surprised at how time moulds you,
    I’m awed at how life holds you.... more »

  • Search

    I’m longing for something, everybody longs for;
    Roses between the Iron bars;
    A cascade of stars in the icy lakes;
    A lingering sweetness in the salty flakes.... more »

  • Shadow

    Beware! you’re not alone....
    Ever surrounded by a shadow that's unknown...

    Bewitching and enticing...... more »

  • Tranquility

    Deep down in the heart, there's a sound of grief;
    Something that is making it go against all its belief.
    Sounds of agony are echoing in the valley of knowledge;
    Helpless is the situation, 'coz retaliation needs courage.... more »