• ' Humble And Humane

    species, species one and all
    who is smartest of them all-
    domestic animals invented, breeds
    caged to feed, to work, to please... more »

  • ' Times Supplement'

    I had been reading the
    literary supplement
    if I were an anthropologist or social apologist
    I'd find it possible to assimilate... more »

  • A Bag Full Of Scruples

    to market to market a bag full of scruples,
    hear me one and all, they are worth their weight in gold
    to ward off the evil eye and simple pie man,
    come one, come all, have a peek and seek no more... more »

  • A Blush Is A Blush

    For all to see
    Paint brush of inner feeling
    Colors the face
    With crimson signs... more »

  • A Cat In Residence

    the cat she sits,
    a stoic,
    purrs and meows
    as fits her mood,... more »

  • A Cup Of Wine

    with a cup of wine
    come dine with me,
    on thoughts of mine,... more »

  • A Different Slant

    from my gallery of faces

    he has the softest eyes
    I have ever seen,... more »

  • A Dilemma

    for every cause an effect
    what created the cause, another effect,
    sounds too circular to accept,
    doesn't explain, the why... more »

  • A Fine How Do You Do

    she tells me what to do
    even while I am
    or plan to
    or think I am... more »

  • A Fourth Dimension

    boxed in
    pin pointed
    vanished... more »

  • A Good Man

    I'm not even sure
    of the meaning of good
    or how close
    the modal of should... more »

  • A Grain Of Salt And More

    the other me slithers out of
    peep holes, cracks and crannies
    slides and spreads, rolls and multiplies
    filling the here and vast beyond... more »

  • A Hopeless Case

    from one worry to the next, I'm worried
    at intervals and pauses,
    I find time to worry
    one man's worry,... more »

  • A Jit A Jot A Tiny Dot

    gloved against contact
    by weather and epidermis
    pop crinkle and crackle,
    mute sonic traces of... more »

  • A Lady Of Stature

    This lady of stature
    whose shadow bumped into mine
    creature of compassion
    inquired is she well,... more »

  • A New Religion Terrorism

    Bottled up and boxed in
    Again and again... more »

  • A New Set

    lately many symbols seem to melt, wilt and decline
    is it something in our food,
    something in the air that dulls, a hovering cloud,
    energy from the past, loss of faith, forsaken hope... more »

  • A Philosophy Of Heroism

    heroes are not easy to come by
    heroic acts are a different story.
    heroism a flag bestowed unfurled
    live in the annals of moral sacrifice.... more »

  • A Pocket Full Of Emotions

    a pocket full of emotions
    and a myriad of notions
    racing up and down the psyche
    drowned in a pool of nerves,... more »

  • A Purpose That Begs

    a feeling
    physical and rewarding,
    a nervous system alone
    cannot accomplsh this deed... more »

  • A Question Here A Question There

    the big eight
    really mean well
    but the preferences,
    get in the way,... more »

  • A Rose Is More

    a thorny stem
    with a head full of petals
    soft to the touch... more »

  • A Search

    No such thing
    As one that is apart
    yet all things
    are one and a part... more »

  • A Smile Is Not Enough

    a smile is not enough
    to show, just how I feel,
    express my inner thrill
    of delight,... more »

  • A Solitary Demonstrator

    behold she stands alone in the street,
    there she is, this single protester
    standing with her placard and chanting
    slogans, and her outraged thoughts... more »