• Evaluating

    we are planned,
    programmed for development,
    in the direction of forward,
    prefigured till death... more »

  • Excusing

    there are no acts
    that cannot be justified
    by justifications... more »

  • Eye Glasses - My Spectacles

    where are they,
    hanging on the bridge
    of my nose.
    or another place of repose... more »

  • Factoring

    too many facors involved
    too many causes to be resolved
    more than one solution,
    mathematic, logical or emotinal... more »

  • Fad

    the vogue of Fad
    is IN
    till the next
    resets the clock... more »

  • Fairy Tale

    The blue skies
    A different hue... more »

  • Fairy Tales

    Naggity and Cruchity,
    some old souls... more »

  • Faithful

    My two wooly dogs
    Of smell and sniff
    Their acts of faith
    Are not of if... more »

  • Family

    a family unit
    is an hierarchy
    based on love and care
    neither communal... more »

  • Family Disease

    the curse of siblig rivalry,
    usually arrives with the second child
    Cain marked Esau disinherited
    Joseph in the well... more »

  • Fanciful

    in a rainbow
    colorful and curvaceous
    with no beginning or end
    I ripple back and forth... more »

  • Fantasies

    each figment
    with a blink of conception,
    balm to the ego... more »

  • Fantasizing

    I tremble with excitement
    at each new fantasy
    embraced by secret... more »

  • Fantasy

    I might, if I could
    but I won't
    I shouldn't, doesn't stop
    the dreaming... more »

  • Fascinating Interims

    we are here, a dozen years and some
    brush and tall pine rub shoulders,
    the front row formidable and giant
    blot out the sky, shut out the light... more »

  • Fearful Part 1

    we are born in pain, uncomfortable and wet,
    and because we are born we are mortal,
    because we are mortal, we fear that one day,
    we will cease to be,... more »

  • Fearful Part 2

    the Christain identifies with Jesus,
    drinks his blood and eats his flesh,
    in search of salvation and resurrection,
    Abraham reminds his God of the covenant,... more »

  • Feelings

    If I had to choose
    one without the other

    compassion seems... more »

  • Fickle Minded

    I won't go with you to the airport
    I choke up and sniffle, tears well in my eyes... more »

  • Fickle View

    I have made you
    More than you are... more »

  • Finally Immune

    too hot, too humid, too soggy,
    the same old story of summer time,
    weathering the weather,
    after so many solar trips, accustomed... more »

  • First Person Authority

    in the beginning
    we were sovereigns
    of what we spoke,
    and self counted for something,... more »

  • First Reversed

    ... more »

  • First Scene

    My lady looks at the end
    of a novel or mystery
    her expectation fuse
    too short, too volatile... more »

  • Fiscal Halloween

    grinning pumpkins,
    witches and gargoyles
    littered black and orange
    leaving us in the red... more »