• Grasping

    off and on, are more than two phases
    the point and, has a temporal life
    though it is short, is, has been and will be... more »

  • Gravities

    doubt starts with beliefs,
    there must be more
    than we see, around or beyond,
    inciting imaginations that spur,... more »

  • Growing Old

    when relief is as stirring as some passions
    pain and love seem to merge
    though I know better
    such feelings must be purged... more »

  • Growing Up

    I remember Coney Island, the beach teeming with limbs and hams
    breasts vibrant and moving, puberty and the glaring sun
    raced my juices around, I oogled my cousin of 22 as her dress
    floated to the sand revealing a one piece bathing suit... more »

  • Grudgingly

    She got it right,
    I would not have believed it of her.
    How is it she got it so right
    did I underestimate... more »

  • Gullible

    Gullible as gullible can be
    Has to do with media
    And wee little Lilliputians drowning
    In a sea of electronics... more »

  • Habit

    Acquiring a habit is inductive
    Become aware, deduce what it is
    An act repeats itself, becomes the mode
    Opposes chance and change... more »

  • Halloween And More

    grinning pumpkins,
    witches and gargoyles,
    littered black and orange
    leaving us in the red,... more »

  • Hamlet's False Creed

    To be or not to be,
    might be,
    the consequence
    of to do or not to do... more »

  • Hamsin

    (50 days of torrid heat during summer)

    from out of the south
    a blast of desert heat,... more »

  • Handle With Care

    Handle With Care

    Palmistry a sophistry... more »

  • Heard On The Radio Seen On Tv

    I did not dream or imagine
    fabricate it on my own,
    so when you ask
    how do I know,... more »

  • Hearing And Listening

    or unconvinced
    selected only
    what I wanted... more »

  • Heavenly Bodies

    Heavenly Bodies

    Alas man born of woman
    Knows so little of her psyche... more »

  • Heirarchy Of Poets

    Great poets breed lesser poets... more »

  • Heraldry Used, Misused, Abused

    announcing, foretelling
    what is and might be
    a herald and usher
    sent to decree... more »

  • Hereditary And Or Genetics

    shopping for fruits and vegetables,
    a joy of total domain,
    with a sure hand and sharp eye,
    you choose and select again and again... more »

  • Heritage

    last night I dreamt
    the parable of caves,
    the hue and clamour
    of battling shadows... more »

  • Heroes Of A Human Nature

    in all the world there are 36
    in the heavens angels unlimited,
    who can dance on the head of a pin
    fight with Jacob... more »

  • Hiding

    Sunken cheeks
    receding chin,
    hidden away in a corner
    reading glasses perched... more »

  • Hierarchy

    Great systems have smaller systems
    That feed on divinity
    Smaller systems have lesser systems
    And so on to infinity... more »

  • Histhorrified

    history is wasted, crucified by quantity
    electrocuted. individuality and identity
    old wives' tales lost to posterity
    eye, has witnessed change of scene... more »

  • Historians

    sweet historians of memories repaint,
    touch up reconstruct or tone down
    blunt the prickly, smooth the corners
    sand down the texture, repair the hills... more »

  • History

    living with you
    taking care of you,
    your malady rubbed off... more »

  • Holiday Season

    there are so many things to do,
    first presents to purchase,
    phone calls to make, blessings to exchange
    memories revived,... more »