• Justifying

    there are no acts
    that can not be justified
    by justifications... more »

  • Keeping The Faith

    Promises, only humans can make
    and their gods if they wish
    it to come true
    it's called a covenant... more »

  • Keys

    icons of property, doorways and answers
    passwords and locks, dividing, seperating,
    with-holding and secretive, cryptic and coded,
    pocketed and hidden, have the powerful,... more »

  • Kind To Cats

    so much depends on
    humane and sane
    the former is easier
    to agree upon,... more »

  • Lamentations And Limitations

    Can you squeeze the 'Blue Boy ' on canvass
    The fate of icarus... more »

  • Lampooning

    Simon of Lisherman
    is not a fisherman
    A friend of Norman
    What's his name... more »

  • Language Intrinsic

    is the utterances of sounds,
    in different sequences and measures,
    sonar echoing of waves,
    must reach the hearing senses of another,... more »

  • Last Of A Breed

    there will be no one to whimper for them
    at harvest time the barchash swarm
    surrounding the kibbutz man
    who braved nature's elemental... more »

  • Legacy

    fumes erupting from the bowels of
    hydra - electric, chimneys, spirling
    heavrenward, mix with the billowy clouds,
    that will hang in shame and then float,... more »

  • Less Than Logical

    If there are more ways
    than one
    to do the right thing,
    how do I know,... more »

  • Letter To Michael

    Do come over here
    Ever so near... more »

  • Library

    Morning sun lights up
    smooth clean feelings of order
    careening off white pimply walls
    spattered cement, granules jut... more »

  • Lighthouse

    a beacon beckons
    from my lighthouse
    through the stormy blizzard
    raining down dazzling torrents... more »

  • Limbo Limbo

    the wings of fantasy soar,
    float on dreamy clouds
    fly the magic carpet, soothe
    the psyche, caress the moods... more »

  • Linear

    Linear is man made
    good for measurement,
    there is nothing in nature,
    equal to it,... more »

  • Lines About Tintern Abbey

    I'm afraid we won't get to Tintern Abbey today
    Indeed we won't, not now, not ever
    Paved roads all over, surrounded by new ecologies
    Daunted by time... more »

  • Lingere

    great love of women, inborne affinity
    to their lingere has seeped in
    finger and fondle, lovely colored
    satins, rayons and silks,... more »

  • Listen To The Sound

    swish, swashed, squish, squashed,
    tramp and stamp, rubber shoe and galoshe,
    slip slod, trip trod,
    hands outstretched to balance body... more »

  • Listening To Music

    Listening To Music

    Sometimes I wonder
    It is then I wander... more »

  • Listless And Mundane

    Waves of heat flow horizontally
    Across the screened kitchen door... more »

  • Lonely

    My foom shall become
    a flower dried up
    between leaves
    shelved and pressed... more »

  • Long Lost Cousins

    It drove me mad
    To see Rita's shadow bumping... more »

  • Look Again

    seeing is beleving
    a belief is true... more »

  • Love

    Love is just another sense
    Senseless though it be... more »

  • Love Oh Love, Blind Love

    you incline your head,
    vessel which chambers, sweet thoughts,
    tilting my senses to follow,
    each posture a symphony of magic... more »