• Mediocrity

    Why me, can you not see, I do not seek, to be
    more than mediocrity -
    How often have you and I, in our ignorance
    asserted that we are no more than normal... more »

  • Megalomania Of Futures

    it was and then it wasn't
    it is, then it isn't
    it will and then might be,
    three and more phases... more »

  • Memorial Day

    hallow be this land consecrated
    by the blood of fallen heroes,
    hallow be their names and deeds
    sanctified, blessed and remembered... more »

  • Memories

    rise and shine,
    tell the dogs not to whine
    I'll be out to walk them... more »

  • Memories Unwelcome

    Vicarious voyeurs lurk
    In lower depths of guilt... more »

  • Memory

    After, we feel the spirit
    That lurks within the mind... more »

  • Meta And Physical

    Proudly she walks
    her haunches tremble... more »

  • Midnight Snacks

    Are accompanied by walking the floors
    Opening and closing doors
    To cupboards drawers and refrigerators.
    Drooling whims of appetite... more »

  • Mindful

    ... more »

  • Minding

    blinking an eye
    sets up another set
    of the blink before,
    and so on... more »

  • Mirror Image

    The right side is me
    The left is myself... more »

  • Miscalculated

    we didn't plan it this way,
    events just got out of hand
    Lady Luck and bands of cruel fates
    led us to believe... more »

  • Misplaced Ceremonies

    The rains had soaked the carbon boxes
    The mold desecrated the insides
    The books stored set aside for days to come... more »

  • Misunderstanding

    you told me that's the way you feel
    I thought I understood,
    a rush of fresh air,
    a morning breeze... more »

  • Mixed Sophism

    Mixed Sophism

    Chaos preceded
    In the beginning... more »

  • Mixed Feelings

    I read this lovely story,
    Held the book so near
    Then wondered in fear,
    Had it been re-cycled... more »

  • Mixed Tones

    feelings of before hover,
    cloud, smog up, blurring,
    bowing to the past
    cover the halls of now... more »

  • Mixed Up

    they're gross, they're vulgar
    I hate them, they hate me
    so why am I insulted... more »

  • Modus Ponens

    Medieval logic to a post modern soul
    says, if the antecedant is confirmed
    the consequent is affirmed, as if
    A is true, B is true, but A is true... more »

  • Momentary

    there are moments
    that are moments,
    that are,
    still moments... more »

  • Monopolized


    I love flowers
    but she loves them more... more »

  • Moods And Moody

    moods of red heat waves
    and yellow full moons,
    breed insomniac
    phantoms... more »

  • Moody

    rumbling into the kitchen
    under a frowning black cloud
    density wilted everything in the path... more »

  • Morality

    A thermometer
    Placed in the orifices... more »

  • More Steps

    moment of consummation, unachieved
    moment of accomplishment, unattained
    moment of achievement, not reached
    all stood on the shoulders... more »