• Paperweight

    on my desk,
    there sits a rock
    crystalline and hard,
    whose aomic weight... more »

  • Paperweights


    Sitting on desks
    Hold down memos and memories... more »

  • Paradox

    Paradox of a Free Society

    The more equality
    The fewer rights... more »

  • Paradoxical

    there is will and there is power
    and the power of will
    is a will to power... more »

  • Paradoxical And True

    Third World War
    won't be an act of terrorism
    it will happen by accident
    with no one to record... more »

  • Paranoid

    they sit in confidante, of close proximity
    speaking and whispering, leaning
    toward one another in full rapport
    tones and overtones carry notes of... more »

  • Pause Before You Leap

    a pause, happens in nature to signify,
    an equilibrium, an interim,
    no choice is made. no action taken
    all is in tandem, an interval of time... more »

  • Peace - Slogan

    Peace is like whipped cream cake,
    almost everyone wants to eat of it, beleive in it
    a handful of sand in a fist,
    a pocket full of hope... more »

  • Peace Seeker

    I am a sucker for
    rumors about peace
    treaties and cease fires
    willing to believe... more »

  • Peers


    our peers
    those overseers... more »

  • Peeved

    I sent you a poem
    and you didn't remark,
    or mark the day,
    I'm so annoyed you didn't say,... more »

  • People Like Them

    It's people like them
    Who cause trouble
    Forever asking questions... more »

  • Personal

    my sunsets and sun ups are personal
    clothed by elements of alchemists,
    unwillingly I submit to,
    reserving a time and space for... more »

  • Perspectve

    are you too close to me
    yet so far
    as the closest star... more »

  • Philosophical Love

    If my beloved does not know
    then the object
    is metaphysical-... more »

  • Philosophy

    ... more »

  • Philosophy Of Are And Are Not

    philosophy of skepticism,
    evaluates if we are, or are not
    contend empirical evidence,
    to justify are, pinching or touching... more »

  • Phone Call From The Hospital

    I phoned
    And you answered... more »

  • Photons And Gamma Rays

    Even before I blink a thought
    A gamma ray fllts and winks out... more »

  • Physical Poet

    every time I open my mind
    letting them
    into deep recesses... more »

  • Picking And Choosing

    are different sets of choice
    I get my money's worth at the market
    picking from amongst the many
    choosing of one from any... more »

  • Pitfalls Of The Search

    the mosaic of history,
    too many missing pieces
    too many labyrinths and cul de sacs... more »

  • Plague Of Doubt

    the stork brings good tidings
    wrapped genetically
    packaged and delivered
    as ordered... more »

  • Plagurist Of A Sort

    jealous Plato mouthpiece of Socrates
    echoed with metaphors
    that spermed and spored
    philosophers and historians... more »

  • Play It Again Sam

    the first time doesn't count
    lacks the experience of mount and descend
    no preperation of fore-warned and foreplay... more »