• Precious

    You think it's funny
    A case for laughter
    Time is no lark
    It's passing by... more »

  • Prefer

    contours are nicer
    than straight lines,
    round is more inviting
    than aquiline or flat,... more »

  • Prelude To

    two opal pupils of iris purple blue,
    liquid moist mist.vieled by shutters
    adorned with enchanting curled lashes
    cuting off the unwanted, let in the light... more »

  • Preparations

    I always get up before, the alarm clock
    a bag full of nerves, expectations and doubt
    worried I might foget, keys, wallet, phone
    pocket computer, wrist watch etc. and etcetera... more »

  • Prime Idea

    ... more »

  • Primed

    From time to time, and at prime time,
    I am faced by decisions, TV or not TV
    Before or after, Not the nine o'clock news
    Comedy or violence, Sci fi or soap opera... more »

  • Programmed

    miracle of genetics,
    pooled by a heritage
    fooled by the fables,
    we live in a culture... more »

  • Progress And Continuation

    evolution is the history of species,
    with some sort of selection,
    going on heridity
    vying with environments... more »

  • Promenade

    I had time to kill in Jerusalem
    I sat on the shelf of the Sherover Promenade
    Veiw of valleys and mountains
    and works of other architects... more »

  • Proof

    Heraclitus is quite right
    Newton took the queue
    time flows, streams through... more »

  • Proper Discourse

    During genteel dscourse
    Many thoughts crop up... more »

  • Protest

    When I am her shadow
    Ape her movements... more »

  • Put Upon

    gullible as gullible can be,
    has to do with the media,
    and wee lilliputians drowning
    in the sea of electronics... more »

  • Puzzled By She

    I wonder, how she manages
    sitting is such an effort,
    what drives her
    to get up... more »

  • Quantities

    there are too many
    they are too many
    they are always too many... more »

  • Queen Of Trivia

    gives birth to little princes
    of dates and data of little matter
    blown out of proportion by
    pompus pedantry... more »

  • Quilt And Blanket

    A cloak of droplets
    Spread upon the lawn... more »

  • Quite Simple

    a billion cells
    more or less
    make me
    what I am in excess... more »

  • Racism

    I'm not a racist, I just don't want, to live with them
    What makes you think, they want to live with you,
    See, it's them, they are bloody racists,
    I wonder why, they don't want to live with me... more »

  • Radical Change

    four million years ago
    or more or less
    by replication amino acids built protien
    hydrogen replaced methane... more »

  • Rage

    flaming emotions
    born of single sparks
    whipped naked ends... more »

  • Railroad Crossings, Then And Now

    like any other intersection,
    draws us on to, the vortex of the vectors
    that dart back and forth across
    the tracks... more »

  • Raining

    flaring lights flashed,
    electrified the sky,
    the breathing air stilled,
    paused a Damocles sword.... more »

  • Raise A Cup

    with a cup of wine come dine with me
    sip from the well of memory,
    tickle the palate titillate the mind
    drown the senses cloud the issues,... more »

  • Rambling On

    I know
    you know,
    that I know
    we all know... more »