• Ramblings

    Nothing, is forever, anything can change
    Everything has a never, Nothing is, forever
    an inside out sleeve, a turned down collar
    rumpled crumpled trouser leg... more »

  • Ramblings About Peace

    I had hoped things would change
    faith would grow
    plants send shoots... more »

  • Ray Of Light

    in the beginning all was transparent
    waves traveled not on scheme or track
    back and forth, up and down and all around
    waves were, flowed and moved... more »

  • Read Together-And Apart

    look at it waves
    look on it wave
    laconic waved... more »

  • Reality Of Imagination

    Explains one dimension in terms of another
    Exchanges mass, for distort and thought... more »

  • Realizing

    games are often played
    when tired,
    of both reality and illusions... more »

  • Reckoning

    when the Big Bang came
    and went,
    No one was there
    to welcome the event... more »

  • Recorded Determinism

    electrified with wonder
    at computer's capacity
    to ejaculate
    figures... more »

  • Recording

    Strange and odd,
    When in the land of Nod
    Dreamed dreams
    And memory catalogued... more »

  • Recounting

    Some poems need a reading
    Others have to be walked... more »

  • Recycled And Engineered

    born, reproduced, replicated
    from the best material that
    ever made it to the 21st
    echoing out of the past... more »

  • Redeemed

    how often have you said I'm sorry
    and feel better, often irregardless of
    the injured party's feelings
    and being sorry have purged yourself... more »

  • Reflections

    I am me,
    I have an image
    and a shadow
    that is mine... more »

  • Refugees

    Why me and not you
    Stand first in the queue... more »

  • Rejected

    eyes are dimmed
    tears at the heart,
    swim to te brim of despair,
    air sobs and vents, vexed hopes... more »

  • Relative Quantum

    the vice of too much
    or too little
    makes once not enough
    or twice two much... more »

  • Relief 2008

    now I believe
    now I don't
    now there is relief
    now there is not... more »

  • Remember Her

    Remeber Her ' The trim heeled girl with lovely ankles' 'Iliad'

    A nubile beauty was she
    Her smiling body of rhythm... more »

  • Reminder To Timmy

    elevators are those
    lifts that carry you
    up, or let you down,
    sometimes between stories... more »

  • Reminding

    I told you so,
    lets off a lot of steam
    which burns and scalds the auditor
    such remarks as i told you so,... more »

  • Remount And Painting

    painting, white washes, walls
    and lies, laughter and snores
    that went before,
    but can not wipe away feelings... more »

  • Repartee

    impaled by a sharp tongue
    whipped by innuendo
    emotions come unstrung... more »

  • Reparteeze

    impaled by a sharp tongue
    whipped by reprimand
    emotions come ustrung... more »

  • Reporting By Some Dubious Medias

    Forked tongues spit
    Cruel venom
    Filled with hate
    Humiliate... more »

  • Requited

    I listen to your talk
    Then to your thought, exploring
    Catch the fancy,
    At the terminal of ideas,... more »