• Resolutions For The New Year

    tear down the many roadblocks
    bumps, fill in potholes,
    heal casualties of miss understanding
    and unwillingness to behold,... more »

  • Respect And Retrospect

    cliche, cliche
    used, misused
    and much abused
    are what my mother taught... more »

  • Restless Nights

    I toss and turn
    yearn for sleep,
    undisturbed untroubled
    for pleasant dreams... more »

  • Retelling

    We often tell the same old stories
    Valhalla, Marathon, Waterloo... more »

  • Revenge

    I do unto you,
    What you did to me
    Pay you back in tragedy... more »

  • Ripples Of Gravity

    Dignity flows into the river of pride
    Erodes the banks of humility... more »

  • Roads To Conflict

    Currents gone astray
    are winds that boom
    from faraway... more »

  • Romanticism In Jeopardy

    for works of art so great
    the debt is paid by emulation
    imitation of nature's slate,
    worship a pantheiistic trait.... more »

  • Romantics About Old Age

    promised in our old age,
    we would have solitude
    pleasant and sublime
    happiness and security... more »

  • Roses To & For

    a sweet pink rose
    permeates and seeps into my being
    creeps into my senses five,
    filled with feelings so alive... more »

  • Rudiments

    If I do it long enough
    I'll get it right
    if I do it too long
    I'll get it wrong... more »

  • Run Down And Run Over

    At the end of the glen there is a den for ten,
    we never really know, what's done, will grow,
    reap and harvest,
    hung up, rejected killed and disconnected... more »

  • Sachbee (My Friend)

    Muhamad Chasin was here today.
    sachbee of thirty five years and more,
    he brought sweet cakes
    to chase the evil eye... more »

  • Sad And Unwarranted

    swelling throats
    partched or excited
    the tongue must move
    to swallow when we dine... more »

  • Sad Thoughts

    soft breathing by my side
    exhaled sighs
    imprints on my thoughts
    presence and proximity... more »

  • Salads

    something in me wants a salad
    fruit, vegetable and other mixtures
    to blend, dice, cut up, shred and toss
    salt and pepper with spices... more »

  • Sanctuary

    When quarreling
    Is there nothing sacred-

    No territory of memory... more »

  • Sand

    A handful of sand
    Creeps and flows
    Seeps from the hand... more »

  • Sappho And Aristotle

    makes for relativity
    pain is something
    I could do without... more »

  • Scapegoat

    it hurt me to see how,
    he was lynched by public
    blame, how the social worm
    ate at his heart,... more »

  • Scattered Mists And Yellow Skies

    mist of cloud and fog,
    hover in suspension,
    float unmoving above
    mantles of tiny beads of dew... more »

  • Scenery

    a statue of Don Quixote,
    made from scraps of metal
    rusting in the sun,
    pointing to a banana tree,... more »

  • Schooling Numbers

    In the school there is a desk
    And chair for everyone there
    Blackboard and chalk to teach you to talk... more »

  • Sea Full

    I walk along the contours of her ever changing shape.
    listen to her voices as she laps the sands,
    licks the jetties and shoreline, waves and sings to me,
    on days of moderate tempers,... more »

  • Searching

    Nostalgia of infinity
    The search for a start

    Racing back... more »