• Seasons Of Query

    Autumn is here
    And the nights cooler and clear... more »

  • Secrets

    A brilliant thought
    A passionate muse... more »

  • Seeing Is Believing

    Seeing is Believing

    Spoke the skeptic
    In the beginning... more »

  • Seismic

    I keep trying to write,
    tons of bodies keep piling up, moaning
    tell about us and our poor plight.
    tell about bombs falling from skies... more »

  • Self Evident

    if we hold
    these truths
    to be self-evident... more »

  • Semantic Kaleidioscope

    one picture
    a thousand words
    each one
    distorted... more »

  • Sensed And Insensible

    Sensed and Insensible

    I gazed at the stars
    And the stars twinkled back... more »

  • Sensing

    I have feelings, senses
    and sensations too
    in my blood and veins
    flesh and tissues... more »

  • Sensitivity

    phantom feelings are really there,
    haunting and taunting,
    a residue once resided, refusing
    to leave, live on without form... more »

  • Sensory

    she touched me
    all my fuses blew,
    she touched me and I raptured
    all the bells rang and chimes chanted... more »

  • Sequence

    It might all depend on who came first
    or how many cliches, dance on my lines
    I walk the dogs, the dogs walk with me
    lead me on. know the route as well as I... more »

  • Sequences


    Now and before
    Know the score of then... more »

  • 'Set Theory'

    Set C is bigger than Set D
    Both belong to A & B
    families of rules and habits
    with systems that intersect... more »

  • Seven Valences

    I am of two minds
    That harp on my sanity... more »

  • Shadow Lane

    whispers, bring back
    robust times and passion teased,
    visceral centers,
    impose their fleshy dictates,... more »

  • Shadows And Images

    Shadow on the wall
    Tells the story of... more »

  • Shall I Compare Thee

    shall I compare thee to an autumn day
    an autumnal equinox, a twilight zone
    neither here nor there, a box a sphere
    compare thee to the oceans of waters... more »

  • She


    She is everything
    That I am not... more »

  • She Is

    She is -
    my guiding light,
    tells me what to do
    when to do... more »

  • Shiver And Shake

    Rubella of German origin, rashed the baby's skin,
    shocked the mother, poxed the dermis,
    on the road of growing up, chicken poxed
    with scars of itchy wars, scarlet fever raged galore... more »

  • Sighs

    a sigh, is just a sigh
    escaped the lips
    does not tell, why
    it did not die,... more »

  • Silent Treatment

    All starts
    With disagreement

    The more... more »

  • Simile Spoke, Metaphor Evoked

    from one metaphor to the next
    the carousel of loop to loop
    at the luna park, tickles the senses
    frightens the fears... more »

  • Sirens Of Memorial Days

    Sirens scream, remember me
    I'm gone and buried
    where were you when I needed help... more »

  • Sit And Set Straight

    armchair, easychair or rocking chair
    comfort, reeling or in despair
    embrace all who enter its den and lair... more »