• Slanting

    heads when pillowed
    have a different outlook,
    anatomies cushioned
    adjustments stream lined,... more »

  • Slits And Slats

    Slits and slats
    Let in the light... more »

  • Slopes

    Slopes a downward incline, upward climb
    angle of the eye, slides and slips
    glides across the horizon, breaks the line
    slants the movement of the sun... more »

  • Smog Hangs Over

    when smog hangs over
    memory is slow
    to reveal its know
    shed the cloak of limbo... more »

  • Smoke Screams

    smoke screens and hoaxes
    keep honest folk from
    seeing what sems to be
    is not all the reality,... more »

  • Snow Flake

    Little snowflake, little snowflake
    I tried to follow your feathery descent... more »

  • Snowing

    hides the gray and green
    brown and black
    sleet and shack,
    paints a momentary sight... more »

  • So Much Depends On

    What is there in a flower
    That makes it so attractive... more »

  • Sobbing Hopes

    bitten by little chances
    tears at the heart
    swim to the brim
    eyes are dimmed... more »

  • Soccer And Fans

    Blurs of movement slashed across the green
    sashes of uniforms and teams
    running down the fields up to the goals
    dizzy scenes racing back to defend their own... more »

  • Social And Security

    Now days Social Security
    is neither social
    nor secure... more »

  • Socialized

    Bussed, to and fro
    fussed by small quaters
    trussed and packaged
    economy sized... more »

  • Socialogicaly Adept

    familiarity is cozy,
    in the end
    tends to kill interest,
    routine sets in... more »

  • Soft

    soft pleasant to touch, bends and buckles
    malleable, soft and tender, licks the texture
    of adjacent strata, soft billowy clouds,
    quivering breasts caress the eyes... more »

  • Solid And Plane

    no eliptical door, barred
    rectangular shadows
    triangular reflections... more »

  • Solipsism And Solecism

    Nothing, is,
    In my world, it's empty
    A vacant vacuum... more »

  • Solopsism And Me

    you are because I am,
    one beside another describes space
    one after another is time
    and not place... more »

  • Some Acts Have A Life

    how many emotions
    make up for each notion,
    how many notions enhance
    other emotions.... more »

  • Some Catty Historians

    An historian delights, to treat,
    those he dislikes, with disdain
    Analyses deeds and facts with spite,
    cast in an unglamorous refrain... more »

  • Some Do Some Don'T

    I'm so glad you phoned
    I know you wanted
    to come
    but couldn't... more »

  • Some Observations

    time, is a by product of space
    and what is,

    timeless, eternal and unending,... more »

  • Something And More

    there is something about,
    the fragrant smell of early morning dew
    of fresh cut grass
    your hair showered and shampooed... more »

  • Something Went Wrong

    what's good for you
    might not be good for me
    expediency invented democracy
    to make it good for you and me... more »

  • Sometimes

    Sometimes, I watch a smell o drama, get wimpy and teary
    Long for my youth, lust for must
    Turn down the lights, the vision is clearer
    Those are not tears, just dust, in my eyes... more »

  • Songs Of The New World

    I hear technology singing
    I hear the hum of computers
    from the sockets in the wall
    and transmitters down the hall... more »