• Sonnet 71

    Do not mourn for me when i am dead
    It is the coporeal being that has fled... more »

  • Soothe Your Feelings

    soothe the surface of your soul
    don't get involved,
    or go any deeper... more »

  • Sophia

    My wife the philosopher, knows most all
    Whenever I have a question, she uses common sense
    If logic doesn't provide an answer
    Her instincts and insight cut to the core... more »

  • Sophistry And Truth

    Today was tomorrow
    That came from yesterday... more »

  • Sorrowful State

    I saw it on TV, a plane over disputed land
    search and find a running object,
    darting from here to there, in broad daylight
    pilot pulled the trigger, destroyed the object... more »

  • Sorrows

    She was gone
    Long before she left... more »

  • Soul Full

    A glance ago,
    I arose,... more »

  • Space

    Space is finite
    and not eternal
    Space is.
    And time measures the vastness... more »

  • Special

    they say I'm different
    mock me, call me weird,
    strange and freakish,
    I think I'm special,... more »

  • Special Differences

    they say I'm different, mock me, call me weird,
    strange and freakish, I think I'm special
    they make me lonely and afraid I live and pray
    belong to the same species, still I'm different... more »

  • Speech Acts

    I'm a speech act, fathered by a predicate,
    born with words, on the waves of an act
    stirred to speak the language of command,
    my kernal of duality owes allegiance first,... more »

  • Speechless


    unseen apples
    falling in the forest... more »

  • Speexh Less Too

    That apple that fell in the forest,
    when i was away,
    was not part of my world
    Till I spoke -... more »

  • Spinning Tales

    mother earth spins on her axis
    turning round Old King Sol
    so says the sun dial,
    star of nebulous form spinning-... more »

  • Spirits, Spirit, And Spiritual

    alchohol of drink goes in
    dormant spirits come out,
    other sly spirits enter, stir up
    memory of secrets devout,... more »

  • Spontaneity Withheld

    never gave of yourself
    and said
    take me as you will
    no reservations... more »

  • Spring 07

    The ides of March have
    come and gone
    spring with all its green
    Is upon us... more »

  • Spring Of Life

    Shoots erect
    Out of the ground... more »

  • Springtime

    the Ides of March have come and gone,
    spring with all its green is upon us
    days are longer, nights shorter
    skies and starry heavens clearer... more »

  • Squabbling

    forty odd years and more,
    they fell into a way,
    of passing the time of day,
    without anything good to say... more »

  • Squinting

    why do you squint sir, to see more clearly,
    the sun in my eyes, orb of the heaven blinds
    at night time, the other divine body too weak... more »

  • Stacked Cards

    The name of the game
    the rules of the game,
    are never the same,
    for both them and me... more »

  • Starward Ho The Way To Go

    bilaterally designed
    inclined by axis of a spine
    different from the other kind
    took ages,... more »

  • State Of Complaining

    Too few or too many
    It's never just right
    Too hot or too cold
    The weather the mood... more »

  • Stems From Hate

    hate is just another form of fear
    I wear it proudly upon my head
    like a wig, follows me around
    makes me secure... more »