• Steps

    moment of consummation
    moment of accomplishment
    moment of achievement
    all rode on the shoulders... more »

  • Stereo-Typed Pheno-Typed

    Clear as liquid aqua bella
    Sticky as syrupy sweet molasses... more »

  • Stick It

    Stick It

    Wrought by senses false
    impaled upon carnal thoughts... more »

  • Stigma

    we have stigmas between our thighs,
    and stys on our eyes
    stain our being,
    Cain needed it... more »

  • Still Indentured

    she cooks, she washes and serves us
    no one remembers when it was otherwise,
    why should it ever change
    we are all happy and satisfied... more »

  • Stimuli

    libido, Rosseta Stone of desire
    goose pimples and many other
    erectile reactions, arise to lust,
    temperature oscillating and rewarding,... more »

  • Stirrings

    Each day
    Grows into a melody... more »

  • Strike, Struck, Striken

    from Cupids dart
    a sobbing heart,
    a throbbing breast,
    striken and dazed,... more »

  • Succession

    Enjoys the monarchy of novelty... more »

  • Succulent Wines

    succulent grapes sweet or
    sour turned to wine
    loosen the tongue
    for free and easy verse... more »

  • Succumbing

    it's a very serious operation
    you might die, too traumatic,
    I couldn't survive more than
    two weeks, after your demise... more »

  • Sum Of The Parts Plus

    the whole is equal
    to the sum of the parts
    and some more... more »

  • Summing Up

    echoing of Sophocles, Milton, and Wordsworth.
    Prometheus Bound and Unbound,
    evoke thoughts and memories
    that in earnest sought... more »

  • Superstition

    Is reason to fear, and some ideas I hold most dear,
    By idols I swear, apparel and ornament I wear
    Is not clear, what causes praise or sneer
    Rumours spread by witches sighs, plain innocent and spies... more »

  • Surreali

    Out OF This World
    surrealism dis di men sions
    torts... more »

  • Survival

    are we born with the knowledge of hiding,
    do we know what we are hiding from,
    we are taught to hide ourselves and things.
    from the clear and open skies,... more »

  • Sweet Rose

    a pink rose
    permeates, sinks into my being
    creeps into my senses five
    filled with feelings so alive... more »

  • Sweet Wines & Rhymes

    make there to infinity
    here to eternity
    bless my wife,
    bless my being... more »

  • Symmetry

    a bogus of the social mind
    one thing looks like another
    has the features of its mother... more »

  • Symmetry And Asymmetry (In War)

    set A and set B
    set out to show... more »

  • Sympathy Of Empathy

    a wheelchair
    strolling along... more »

  • Symptoms Of Old Age

    don't come, all at once,
    creep up from behind,
    joints tend to breath and yawn
    muscles ache at dawn,... more »

  • Synthesizing Desynchronization

    I see my love by the speed of light
    hear her breathe at the speed of sound,
    fragrant taste and touch of being
    travel different routes... more »

  • Systematic

    the system doesn't work
    who made the system not to work,
    cruel men and lazy workers,... more »

  • T&Cxp = Matchmaking

    Triolus in his sore need
    beseeched and pled his case
    to his friend Pindarus
    Criseyde's uncle and protector... more »