• White On Off White

    scoffed at from the start,
    by all the conventions
    of form and decor,... more »

  • Who Won The War

    I said the mourners,
    I said the embalmer, s
    I said the opponents,
    the angels of death... more »

  • Why Oh Why

    what is it makes us want,
    something not our own
    that we could have had
    at any moment,... more »

  • Will We Never Learn

    Wars come and wars go
    and hardly ever leave... more »

  • Willful

    let's do it my way,
    is a declaration of war
    usurps her command
    and the habit of before... more »

  • Windows

    a window is a thing of philosophy.
    lets you see in and me see out,
    lets light in and shadows out,
    each land its own particular brand... more »

  • Winds


    The wind does blow
    Each breeze an interval... more »

  • Winds Of War

    From out of the west a wind did come
    The bugles quivered and the drums did shake
    Waves of ether carried the message
    Make war to stop another... more »

  • Wink Blink Nd Twinkle

    Tinkle, tinkle
    Twinkle, twinkle
    Sound and sight... more »

  • Wishing Well

    I wish I could
    I wish you would
    make should come true... more »

  • Witching Hour

    aroused and quickened
    by enchanting beauty
    the womb that bore... more »

  • With A Grain Of Salt

    the other me slithers out of
    peep holes, cracks and crannies
    slides and spreads, rolls and multiplies
    fillng the here and vast beyond... more »

  • Worlds Of Feather

    Long before we learned to speak
    They could alight, glide and fly... more »

  • Worry

    I worry, you worry
    we all worry
    that we can't meet, payments at the bank,
    cholera in Rwanda will spread,... more »

  • Yearning

    Hope flares up with a spark
    Flying on the winds of expectation... more »

  • You Never Know

    Self of my self
    is one too many
    distorts and reflects... more »