• Bedroom

    jet black hair on a white pillow case,
    round buttocks on two sturdy thighs,
    V for vortex of mons venus,
    and a winking navel... more »

  • Before The Dawn

    It's dark outside,
    before I was born... more »

  • Belief

    belief is a powerful red set, that rules
    transcends all colors of the epistemic levels
    that rely on knowledge, logic
    notion and love... more »

  • Belief Too


    Belief is common to sense
    Senseless though it be... more »

  • Beliefs In Bondage

    my mind is often hostage
    to beliefs,
    captured by bias
    no logic will release... more »

  • Best

    keep smiling,
    the greatest poem ever,
    has not been written,
    the greatest poet... more »

  • Beware Tv Or Not To Be

    we gaze upon a sunrise,
    each his own perceptions,
    attended by a myriad of thoughts,... more »

  • Beware When Quantifying

    How much, how many, so few, so little
    And most of more, and less than less... more »

  • Bias

    an old southern man
    his skin had turned tan
    no longer white
    black men delight... more »

  • Biblical Serpent

    Adam and Eve out of Eden came
    whatever happened to the serpent,
    did he remain,
    to play the game... more »

  • Bilateral

    Bilaterally symmetrical
    Is only seemingly so
    We favor right or left,
    If not, we could not locomote... more »

  • Bittersweet

    I checked her poetry
    grew jealous
    grew furious
    grew spiteful... more »

  • Blameless

    I did it for you
    and your to blame

    I did it for us... more »

  • Blushes

    A blush will not hush
    The inner feeling,
    A rush of red
    To cheeks and forehead... more »

  • Blushing

    a blush to hush
    a flashing second,
    of first thoughts... more »

  • Boccoccio

    vied for dominance with
    but the friendly neighbour... more »

  • Bonsai And Trees

    sired of lofty genes, aspired to the skies
    trees sprouted branching out
    tangled entangled, electronic waves and wires... more »

  • Bonsai Tree

    Prefigured for more
    Rose to height... more »

  • Books

    books in boxes, boxed to rest
    occupying floor space,
    up in attics, down in basements,
    books on shelves, stood upright,... more »

  • Bored

    I know of habit
    for I have been there before
    devil of routine... more »

  • Both

    love is one concept
    friendship is another
    the ideal
    is to have them both... more »

  • Both Right And Wrong

    There are moments I hate, for telling me, when you're right
    Point out the the simple truths, so obvious,
    How can it be my simple truths, so oviously disagree
    There are moments when I'm hateful,... more »

  • Bound

    road maps, are one dimensional
    chess moves framed by squares of eights, are two
    group dynamics non-linear, three,
    mishaps, perhaps, transcend unto a fourth... more »

  • Boxed In

    His picture taken by box camera on a tripod
    a stolen image made to grow with time
    Every two weeks my father would take us to see
    the patriarch, chief of flowing beard... more »

  • Brained And Brainy

    an organ in the body, pulsing,
    both physical and more
    of the mind in-cognito
    inducing dreams and fantasies... more »