• Breaking A Promise

    the death of covenant,
    speech and language
    burnt at the stake
    not only destroyed faith... more »

  • Breaking Down

    If I had a hammer
    I'd break down the walls
    of discrimination,
    If I had a match... more »

  • Brown House Remembered

    The brown house
    at the end of town
    worn and torn at the edges
    was dilapilated, falling down... more »

  • Bubble Bubble And Trouble

    I live in a bubble called me,
    filled with thoughts,
    full of fantasies and dreams,
    ballooning up and down... more »

  • Built In

    Built In

    Homeostasis... more »

  • Butter Me Up

    the soothing ointment,
    balm of ego and id
    worn on my sleeve,
    feather of my cap... more »

  • Butterfly Effect

    Butterfly in flight
    Fluttering and dancing... more »

  • By Cold Fusion

    Input, out put, , Ram, Rom, dam dumb,
    Efficiency ran amuck
    Struck by differential potential
    Outcome greater than income... more »

  • Cacophonies

    When string
    And reed instruments don't mesh... more »

  • Calm Down

    each day a new layer of memories
    covers over the past
    each layer is added
    to the pile of forget... more »

  • Calm Of Harmony

    I wish you would,
    hide me under your pillow
    in the warm crevices of your being... more »

  • Can'T

    How do you reckon
    With, I can't do it anymore
    Sit down and cry
    Lament and moan all those Cans... more »

  • Carnivorus

    Meat sliced and diced in so many ways
    Meat ground and pounded, treated and teased... more »

  • Carolina Trails

    Loblolly pines and poplars, acorns and pawpaws
    Warmed by loess and humus... more »

  • Cat In Residence

    The cat she sits, a stoic too
    Purrs and meows, as fits her mood
    The cat she sits, and does not move
    As befits a statue, on the mantle piece... more »

  • Catabolism

    some smoke, others drink to excess,
    indulge in at least four deadly sins,
    shorten their being,... more »

  • Catch A Cold

    As hosts
    We are so self centered
    Even when parasites or viruses alight
    Upon our being, we take the credit... more »

  • Catching Up With A Dream

    there is more joy in the chase,
    than facing burdens
    of a dream caught up,... more »

  • Catching Up With Popper

    ' there are no facts only interpretations'
    Oh, Nietzsche why were you so cruel to scientists
    Who have labored for three centuries to put
    Some order into evaluations for logic and truth... more »

  • Cats Too

    curls up and purrs
    to sweet meows
    rustling whiskers
    rubs up turns over... more »

  • Caught In And In Between

    paradigms are illusions of boundaries
    we create in our minds
    meridians for social sake declare
    step on a crack, break your back... more »

  • Causes

    There are causes and causes
    For which you know very well,
    There are lost causes, humane causes
    And those banal causes... more »

  • Celebrating Celebrities

    How many ants in a colony or bees in a hive
    How many birds in a flock, or fish in a school
    Who is the leader, king or queen
    How many celebreties are followed about... more »

  • Cemeteries

    I don't like going to ceremonies, testemonials or memoriam
    listening to speeches, stories, legends and fables, much is true
    some is fabricated, polished in eulogizing terms,
    It's not the victim of mortality we pray for it's the living we seek to... more »

  • Censored, Mutter

    Radio waves
    Electronic triggered

    Ceased uttering... more »