• Chained By Language

    We live in concrete boxes with ceiling and walls
    Sometimes, Deco sometimes Roccoco
    With minds trapped in bony skulls
    Chained by language, stuttering thoughts of the soul... more »

  • Chance

    probability is a possibility
    that has not been fulfilled

    possibility is a chance to dance... more »

  • Change Of Mind

    There are things you say
    That i wish you wouldn't... more »

  • Changing Dimensions

    framed by Euclidian chains
    two milliniums to get off our backs
    fleshed out, annointed with know
    flew over the poles... more »

  • Changing Of The Guard

    the neighbours opposite trimmed the tree
    pruned, sawed mutilating the stalwart pillar
    changed our view too, to let the sun in
    glaring briliant blinding sunbeams... more »

  • Changing Signals

    How fickle is human consciousness
    That we do love and hate, all at once, and not at all
    When it pleases do recall, with pleasure or distaste
    Or cast aside, will to forget, expectations great and small... more »

  • Changing Times 2

    we all seem to take it
    with a wiff of stoic
    last fall my women folk
    had our two tom cats castrated... more »

  • Channel 1 To Channel 2

    let's exchange films, but they're repeats
    who cares, John Doe doesn't remember
    and they did, screwed him,
    who is John Doe-don't you know... more »

  • Chaos Reviewed

    chaos multiplied by chaos
    non-linear square of disorder
    doing so has found
    some law of order... more »

  • Chasing A Dream

    expectations delicious and juicy
    revelations not always sweet,

    on bicycle or on horseback... more »

  • Christmas

    Christmas comes
    But once a year
    Full of good cheer
    Let's hope for those,... more »

  • City Dweller

    City dweller, lives in the cellar
    of natures bosom
    Ground that is now concrete
    cracked here and there... more »

  • Cleaning, Attics And Basements

    what are you sorting
    memories divine and sublime
    embodied by keep sakes
    sugar-coated trivial and kitch... more »

  • Cleanliness

    She is a stickler for cleanliness
    paper towels, napkins and napery
    change of garments and underwear
    washed and ironed, fresh incensed... more »

  • Cliche

    Cliche, cliche
    Used, misused
    Much abused
    Trite contrite... more »

  • Cliche Of Generalities

    A point in space
    a point in time
    the point in question
    is where, everything goes... more »

  • Cliched To Death

    Financial times and imagining, pity full rhymes
    the poetic form and the norm
    catch Fancy's desire to perform
    in the kingdom of mirrored micro... more »

  • Cloned

    Oh, children of the womb
    Created in their image
    Born helpless, learning
    Can not escape,... more »

  • Cloning Is Next

    taxed and subsidized
    you are what you eat
    and some other ingredients
    genetically improved... more »

  • Cloning Reviewed

    One gene to another
    I am better than you
    not better, but other... more »

  • Clutching

    The car had a stroke,
    A mecanical hemmorage
    Fainted in the middle
    Of the highway road... more »

  • Clutching Of Time

    Chores take too long or is it time, flies away
    Flies in my face to contemplate, Why -
    Is it, that age and ageing,
    takes so great a toll... more »

  • Cogs Of Matter

    I always try to be on time
    in fact, I come too early
    but nothing is lost
    I communicate with the material... more »

  • Colorful Bouganvillia

    the framework is solid
    the body is sound
    the spirit is light
    as thoughts float around... more »

  • Colors Inter=met

    rays of red, coruscating
    and waves that shed,
    glimmering diaphanous
    silky mantle of tinted hues... more »