• Come Rain On Me

    Rain often comes
    On the wings of winds
    Kicks up dust, carries
    Dormant spores and pollen... more »

  • Come To Bed

    Pillows full of downy feathers
    Bed and blankets... more »

  • Commentary

    don't tell me
    what I saw
    I'd like to decide
    for my self... more »

  • Commenting


    I read your comments
    i read what you thought... more »

  • Commitment

    most people don't read poetry
    and when and if they do
    reflect upon, what pertains to them
    glance and pick at its fruits... more »

  • Compatable And Expedient

    I declare, that what I do
    and what I want to do, are not,
    alas what I say and do,
    are often on parallel lines... more »

  • Complex And Complexities

    alone with my dreams,
    they fly to all extremities
    galloping unbridled, unhampered... more »

  • Computer Computer

    Computer, compuer
    Whose Master or Slave would you be
    Computer computer programmed by me
    No slave will you be nor master of me... more »

  • Computer Determinism, Recorded

    Electrified with wonder
    At computer's capacity,
    To ejaculate
    Figures... more »

  • Computer Emotions

    Click it here and click it there,
    Click again and everyhere.
    The cursor jumps from here to there
    The mouse in frenzy, clicking about... more »

  • Computer Parents

    When the keys
    Start to wheeze
    It's time for
    A breeze... more »

  • Confessions

    I rarely loved the vague and ambiguous,
    Found the ethereal and metaphysical
    A cloudy meadow of growing things,... more »

  • Conflicts

    currents gone astray
    are winds that boom
    from far away-... more »

  • Conformist

    if you are one
    of no kind,
    choosing not to belong,
    becomes an adventurous dissimilar end... more »

  • Confusion

    Fishing for cold fusion
    One compound
    Joins another
    And chemical reactions,... more »

  • Consent To Yes

    At first it was a nod, then a harrumph or grumph,
    That surrendered, and said yes
    Magic key of social contract, to agree,
    Yes I would and yes I could, yes I will... more »

  • Constant Pain

    Even in moments
    Of severe pain... more »

  • Constants And Variables

    evolution of language,
    a trail and trial of agreements,
    conventional, hosting contacts
    with a syntax of, by, for, and of each word... more »

  • Contract

    I promised thee
    And thee in turn
    Promised me
    Love and loyalty... more »

  • Control And Self-Control

    young or old, i never seem to be
    satisfied in hot or cold with temperature
    just right, finally fit my moods tickle my
    dermis, good for me but not another,... more »

  • Convoco Meetings

    we came, we saw, we heard
    were conquered by
    strawberry metaphors, melliflous,
    buttery terms, whipped cream adjectives... more »

  • Corridors Of Gravity

    there is a lighthouse in my head,
    and a beacon in my mind,
    that beaches any wayward bark,
    warns my ship to keep afloat... more »

  • Cosmetic Relations

    moments ago
    we sat together
    feasting on each others
    proximity,... more »

  • Cosmos Corners

    black holes
    envelop energy's
    atomic weight,... more »

  • Could Have Been

    I have had this feeling before
    I even know how to say it in French... more »