• A Gift To You

    The aroma from my coffee wafts
    through the room. The sweet
    taste of the doughnut lingers in my
    mouth as I sit in cushioned... more »

  • Alone

    The noise engulfs me. Yet I’m
    alone. The birds sing outside.

    Yet I’m alone.... more »

  • America Is At War

    America is at war with
    Itself. Street upon
    Street they protest and
    How. Living in tents off the... more »

  • At The Café

    I didn’t see it coming. My cup
    was full and overflowing. You picked at
    your food staring over my head... more »

  • Celebrating Another Birthday

    Layers of coloured cake
    sandwiched with fruits; pineapple
    stewed just right, kadju... more »

  • Child Soldier

    Little child with the big gun
    Do you know how to use it?
    Have you seen what it can do, to
    you, to others? Tear them into... more »

  • Colombo

    The old bougainvillea is tired, it’s been
    up all night trying to grab some dew... more »

  • December 16,2012

    They made a movie on a bus
    riding around town, no one... more »

  • December As I Remember

    Early morning one lazy
    day when the sun had not yet woken up
    to warm the world Poseidon bounced out of his
    dwelling, deep inside... more »

  • Evening

    Singers practice for tonight's show.
    It's a major performance

    for the mosquitoes flown in from... more »

  • Hands In Protest

    Hands across the world we are
    the masses. We protest injustice
    that those in high office calls
    justice. We weather the spray,... more »

  • Hope

    Give me a sip of water
    for my lips are parched, my throat too dry
    to speak and I will sing you a song
    of the Sahel as I remember it. A song soft... more »

  • I Live In Dreams

    I live in dreams. I walk on
    asphalt. Hard and dry. Yet I
    sour. My mind unfettered by the
    claiming of reality.... more »

  • I Will Rise

    Genghis Kahn rode through the land,
    across mountains and plains
    cutting me down, leaving me in shreds. But
    I rose. The old university at Nalanda... more »

  • India

    Terror Nadu’s eunuchs huddle in the Lok
    Sabha impotent to the cries of a thousand and one... more »

  • Inside The Old Room

    What would the walls
    say if only they
    could speak? Would they... more »

  • Late Evening

    The wind rustled through
    the trees, moving this
    way and that
    and the leaves began to... more »

  • Lennox

    They killed a dog the other
    day. He was different, they said, unlike
    the others. Dangerous,... more »

  • Lost In Thought

    She stared out at the people passing on
    the street before her. A myriad
    of colours and shapes
    wafted by, some hurrying some moving... more »

  • Mali

    Sad eyes stare at the world outside,

    iron bars lock you in. Four thick walls... more »

  • Misunderstanding

    He’s lying in a hospital bed. She doesn’t know.
    Three days she hasn’t heard from him.... more »

  • Occupy Wall Street

    The sweat streams
    Down her cheeks
    And loses itself
    In her... more »

  • Questions Left Unanswered

    A head in the drain, he tried to
    understand why. They took him in for... more »

  • Reader On The Shelf

    How different is a bookworm
    from any other worm, you might

    wonder. A worm is... more »

  • Reid Avenue

    The trees are falling,
    falling down along the avenue... more »