The bull took birth with no horn or tail
on that day that never got born,
in nineteen hundred and sixty seven
or some years thereafter.
The bull came of age just as other bulls have ripened in an average, normal bull-life and started shitting soon thereafter.
The Shittin Bull has been thus contributing to the depletion in the Ozone Layer for the past decade and more.
The daily life-cycle continues for the Shittin Bull for now, with much to chew, organically process and wastefully produce, with no other purpose but to continue to do so until its spirit may be recalled to wherever the dang thing came from and started shittin in this bull.
That was a long sentence, (hence) prone to gramatical errors and many misinterpretations depending on what wind blows in your hollows at the time you read it, the shittin bull bears no responsibility for the consequences, whatsoever they may be, even if there be none.
That was a long sentence too, so read it again.

If you've proceeded to read this sentence, you're darn good, you have attained 'moksham' or deliverence from an infinite cycle of birth, death and rebirths (and even more inevitable deaths) , even if you don't believe in such excuses, you have attained organic enlightenment, no bull!
may you experience nirvana forever, prematurely.
(That was a blessing)
The Shittin Bull still has no horns or tail.
Not that it needs those things any more.


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