the poet in me is born out of conflict, despair, boredom, and from the very rare moments of absolute poems depict strings of my mind.... to read them, is to read my mind, to feel them requires to be near me........ thus in the other sense to know me one must read the invisible letters hidden in my poems.....


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2-Lost Words

In the dark alleys of my mind
They run about.
Sometimes lost, sometimes found.
Sometimes emerging faintly through the dark... more »


Blood is still oozing out from the deep slit…
A sheaved hand,
Few gapping mouth,
There was a blast here…... more »

5-Dreams And Thoughts

Suppressed below they try to break through
Suppressed down the ages, they try to
Reassess their identity
Regressive attitude have marked their entity... more »

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Romita Banerjee 17 Jan 2007 08:10
Hey you are a good writer. Very good! Best of luck for class 9's exam!