• 2-Lost Words

    In the dark alleys of my mind
    They run about.
    Sometimes lost, sometimes found.
    Sometimes emerging faintly through the dark... more »

  • 4-Hiatus

    What is this hiatus?
    Between one pain and another?
    A brief spell of laughter
    A means of endless flatter... more »

  • 5-Dreams And Thoughts

    Suppressed below they try to break through
    Suppressed down the ages, they try to
    Reassess their identity
    Regressive attitude have marked their entity... more »

  • Blood

    Blood is still oozing out from the deep slit…
    A sheaved hand,
    Few gapping mouth,
    There was a blast here…... more »

  • Little

    What more can I ask
    From the morning sun?... more »

  • Voice

    Eyes no more close to sleep
    I hear the groaning
    Pagan voice,
    Neither it speaks of it pains-... more »