I'm an artist.

I create.

And I learn.


Shruti Sinha Poems

Remembrance Pouring Down

Raining it is again
Splattering tears on my palm
Memories I couldn't refrain
Penetrates all the false calm... more »

Encantador Love

Reminiscing days, before I met you
A sketchy soul; hesitant and naive
So little then I knew
Terrified from a deeper dive... more »

Shruti Sinha Quotes

Sometimes, it is better to shut up rather than talking back. Otherwise, you'd be losing something more precious than just and argument.
You cannot stop loving someone. You can just channel those feelings in something less complex. That's what they call 'moving on'.
Insomniacs can't fall asleep because they've fallen apart?
Sad, tragic, love

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